Cosmic Cycles, not Carbon Dioxide, Control Climate

Cosmic Cycles, not Carbon Dioxide, Control Climate


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Those who think the political war on carbon will lower Earth’s temperature or keep climate stable need to study climate history.

Temperatures on Earth dance to a cyclic rhythm every hour, every day, every month, every season, every year, and to every beat of the sun-spot and glacial cycles.

The daily solar cycle causes continual changes in temperature for every spot on Earth. It produces the frosts at dawn, the mid-day heat and the cooling at sunset. It is regulated by rotation of the Earth.

Superimposed on the daily solar cycle is the monthly lunar cycle, driven by the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. These two cycles interact to produce variations in atmospheric pressure and tides, and currents in the oceans and the atmosphere. These are the daily weather makers.

The New Geological Era


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Paris Treaty Mush

Reprieve! The “Binding” Paris treaty now voluntary mush
But Obama still wants to send US energy use and living standards backward

By Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Nov 2015

Paris climate talks this week descended into madcap all-night negotiations, as delegates desperately tried to salvage some kind of agreement beyond empty promises to do something sometime about what President Obama insists is the gravest threat to our planet, national security and future generations.

In the end, what we apparently got out of Paris is voluntary emission caps, voluntary progress reviews, no international oversight of any voluntary progress, and voluntary contributions to the Fund.

Obligating the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, and send billions of taxpayer dollars annually to dictators, bureaucrats and crony industrialists in poor countries would be disastrous. Thank goodness it did not happen. But we are not out of the woods yet.

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Dr. Roger Bezdek is an internationally recognized energy analyst and president of Management Information Services, Inc., in Washington, DC. Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

Dung beetles ate our climate-history!

Or “Droughts and Extreme Weather are Nothing New.”
by Dr Bill Johnson

Outpourings of climate bulldust over recent decades have been more alarming than changes in the climate.

Drought and above-average temperatures during recent El Niño-dominated years from 2001 to 2010 were deliberately and relentlessly marketed as global-warming. Driven incestuously by WWF and its Wentworth Group; green groups; Climate Commissioners; and a bunch of pretend-institutes, superlatives flew-up every greasy-pole out through talking-heads into the community’s ear.

Australians endured an endless chatter-based marketing campaign involving the ABC, CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology that intertwined CO2; the hot/critical decade; Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) “health”; and the carbon tax; grinding them into our national psyche. Science was reorganised with rivers of tax-payers cash enticing once-proud universities to lend brand to the cause. Every hot/cold/dry/wet day, clamouring professors popped out of disused broom-cupboards across the land, waving models and “new reports”. It was an overt scientifically-disingenuous beat-up.

Read the full paper: [PDF, 20 KB]

Heartland LIVE from Paris: Monday, Dec. 7 ‘Day of Examining the Data’ at COP-21

[Note: this is now the complete 6 h 43 min video of the event.]

Party Time in Paris

The 21 st Birthday Party in Paris – It’s Time they Grew Up

Global Warming Alarmists are about to gather in Paris for the biggest climate carnival in their 21 year history – they hoped to see 25,000 official guests and 15,000 hangers on. Surely on their 21st birthday it is time they grew up and faced some adult world problems.

Any urchin on the streets of Paris today could tell buffoons like Ban Ki-moon and Barack Obama that the “biggest security threat facing the world today” is NOT a miniscule increase in atmospheric plant food, caused mainly by gentle natural global warming which has triggered minor expulsion of carbon dioxide from the oceans.

Obama and his side kick Kerry call climate change the biggest threat to national security:

But the US Congress is not supporting the Paris party:

Turnbull and Co should not insult Parisians by taking part in such frivolous folly.

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Read the full report: [PDF, 130 KB]

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What message will Malcolm Turnbull take to Paris?

By Geoff Derrick.

Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull lives on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, and is in a favoured position to observe the climate moods and weather of the Sydney area in the 21st Century.

However, he should be aware that a considerable database exists that scientifically documents the climate history of Sydney Harbour and adjacent beaches, mainly temperature and sea levels, at least from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. When Captain Philip arrived in 1788 and landed at Sydney Cove, he quickly established a weather recording framework to help him better understand what the climate trends might be in this new colony.

Over a three year period from 1788 to 1791, two officers Bradley and Dawes recorded temperatures in the fledgling colony 6 times a day. A log of this data was found in 1977 in a remote corner of the Library of the Royal Society of London, and the data were analysed and plotted by Gergis, Karoly and Allan in 2009. They compared the First Fleet data with BOM data from the Sydney Observatory for the period 1859 to 2014, using monthly averages for Tmaximum and Tminimum. A graph comparing the First Fleet data set 1788-1791 with the BOM data set 1859 to 2014 is shown below, for Tmax.


Remarkably, the First Fleet data (red circles), are almost totally coincident with the later BOM record 1859 to 2014 (green dots); the same result is seen also for average minimum temperatures, and so Malcolm could justifiably claim that in the Sydney area there has been no change in trend of maximum and minimum temperatures over 256 years.

Data from the Fort Denison tide gauge in the harbour also shows an almost stable sea level trend for 129 years from 1886 to present day. In addition, a fisherman’s hut built in 1875 along the high water mark at Long Reef, Collaroy has been photographed in 1907, 1936, 1950 and 2014; remarkably, it exists in precisely the same position now as in 1875, and Malcolm could also justifiably claim that in the Sydney northern beaches there has been no documented sea level rise for about 140 years.

Read the whole story on Sydney’s non-alarmist stable harbour and coastline here: [PDF, 4.4 MB]

Biographical note:

Geoff Derrick is a consultant geologist who believes in the integrity of scientific observation, rather than flawed outputs from computer models. Prepared 29 Nov 2015

Phony Green Is Over


Paris Conference threatens our Access to Energy

Every living thing needs access to energy – food, light and warmth.

But the UN is plotting to limit our access to energy.


This cartoon may be used freely providing the author’s name is retained and the source is acknowledged:

A study of human history shows what a grave threat this poses to all of us.

Our distant ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They killed and ate wild animals, which provided much of their energy needs. Solar energy warmed their days, and gave life to the herbs, roots and fruits they gathered and to the grasses and shrubs that sustained their prey. Sunlight reflected from the moon allowed them to hunt and fish during moon-lit nights. The sun and moon dominated their world, so naturally many of them worshipped these heavenly bodies.

The invention of stone and wooden weapons and tools increased their access to energy – hunting and gathering was more efficient with tools.

The discovery of how to control fire multiplied man’s access to energy. Fire provided heat and light and could be used to clear vegetation, fight enemies and trap wild animals.

Hunter-gatherers need access to land, preferably free from competitors. This led to the development of territory with defined and defended property boundaries. Property rights are thus an essential ingredient to provide guaranteed access to food and energy.

The War on Coal

Grant Goldman Editorial, Super Radio Network

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Here is a list of key organisations actively promoting the war against civilisation. These are the internationalist thugs who want the poor to stay impoverished and the hungry to remain starving. These are the people who fraudulently claim tax deductibility for their actions in attacking every kind of genuine human progress. These are the dangerous elements who campaign to divert gigantic sums of public money into subsidising sources of energy which cannot function competitively without the assistance of stolen money.

Here is the list:
Number one is GetUp!, leading the racist campaign against the Adani company, pushing the line that the poor of India have no right to the inexpensive energy which they crave because they are only Indians.

Number two is Greenpeace, infamous for many reasons including its campaign against DDT, which according to Robert Gwadz of the US National Institutes of Health “may have killed 20 million children” who died unnecessarily from malaria.

Number three is the Australian Conservation Foundation, which confers demigod status on the totally discredited fraudster Al Gore, and persists in its wholly false claim that governments give massive subsidies to the coal industry.

Number four is Seed, a relatively new arrival on the anti-civilisation block. Seed asserts on its Website: Climate Change is the biggest threat to Black Australia, which is a big call. Seed also proclaims: “Opening up our lands to mining is not a solution to black poverty.” Wise Australians such as Warren Mundine keep repeating that the solutions include jobs and training. Seed seems to be on the wrong team.

Number five is the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which specialises in recycling. That is recycling propaganda from all the other anti-civilisation groups without contributing anything original or imaginative. And of course the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, like its allies, has an expert fundraising pitch to part the unwary from their dollars.


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