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Paris Conference threatens our Access to Energy

Every living thing needs access to energy – food, light and warmth.

But the UN is plotting to limit our access to energy.


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A study of human history shows what a grave threat this poses to all of us.

Our distant ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They killed and ate wild animals, which provided much of their energy needs. Solar energy warmed their days, and gave life to the herbs, roots and fruits they gathered and to the grasses and shrubs that sustained their prey. Sunlight reflected from the moon allowed them to hunt and fish during moon-lit nights. The sun and moon dominated their world, so naturally many of them worshipped these heavenly bodies.

The invention of stone and wooden weapons and tools increased their access to energy – hunting and gathering was more efficient with tools.

The discovery of how to control fire multiplied man’s access to energy. Fire provided heat and light and could be used to clear vegetation, fight enemies and trap wild animals.

Hunter-gatherers need access to land, preferably free from competitors. This led to the development of territory with defined and defended property boundaries. Property rights are thus an essential ingredient to provide guaranteed access to food and energy.

The War on Coal

Grant Goldman Editorial, Super Radio Network

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Here is a list of key organisations actively promoting the war against civilisation. These are the internationalist thugs who want the poor to stay impoverished and the hungry to remain starving. These are the people who fraudulently claim tax deductibility for their actions in attacking every kind of genuine human progress. These are the dangerous elements who campaign to divert gigantic sums of public money into subsidising sources of energy which cannot function competitively without the assistance of stolen money.

Here is the list:
Number one is GetUp!, leading the racist campaign against the Adani company, pushing the line that the poor of India have no right to the inexpensive energy which they crave because they are only Indians.

Number two is Greenpeace, infamous for many reasons including its campaign against DDT, which according to Robert Gwadz of the US National Institutes of Health “may have killed 20 million children” who died unnecessarily from malaria.

Number three is the Australian Conservation Foundation, which confers demigod status on the totally discredited fraudster Al Gore, and persists in its wholly false claim that governments give massive subsidies to the coal industry.

Number four is Seed, a relatively new arrival on the anti-civilisation block. Seed asserts on its Website: Climate Change is the biggest threat to Black Australia, which is a big call. Seed also proclaims: “Opening up our lands to mining is not a solution to black poverty.” Wise Australians such as Warren Mundine keep repeating that the solutions include jobs and training. Seed seems to be on the wrong team.

Number five is the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which specialises in recycling. That is recycling propaganda from all the other anti-civilisation groups without contributing anything original or imaginative. And of course the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, like its allies, has an expert fundraising pitch to part the unwary from their dollars.


The Great Battle Looming in Paris

The Combatants:


The next couple of months pose great dangers for the free democracies. The most powerful politicians, power seekers, speculators and religions of the world are openly or secretly conspiring to embrace the One-World Climate Religion as a front for their one world-government ambitions.

The Leaders of this Unholy Alliance are:

  • The Pope with his socialist agenda and his dreams of rejuvenating Catholic leadership in world matters by embracing trendy causes.



  • The UN/IPCC whose sustainability rules, heritage no-go areas and green barriers are already affecting every industry and every law book in the world (but mainly in the compliant western nations).
  • Obama who seeks a last-minute legacy for his disruptive era of non-achievements.
  • Crusading Royals such as Prince Charles; frustrated politicians such as Mikhail Gorbachev; power-seeking magnates such as George Soros; tinsel-town idols seeking more purpose in their make-believe lives; would-be messiahs and prophets-of-doom like Tim Flannery; guilt-stricken millionaires and the rich foundations and NGO’s whose control has been captured by the extreme green/left.
  • China and its ruthless central controllers, who will manufacture most of the useless green energy machines and hardware.
  • The un-elected EU bureaucracy with its growing power over most of Europe.
  • The Turnbull/Bishop/Hunt/ALP/Greens carbon-tax-coalition now ruling Australia.
  • Most western bureaucracies who hope to be local enforcers and tax collectors for the new world order.
  • The old Marxists who suddenly see new hope for their jaded dreams.

Read the full report: [PDF, 154KB]

No Paris Treaty

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It’s all About Taking Away our Democracy


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This is the Monckton video referenced above:

The climate history graph:


After 23 years of implementing AG21 with no democratic mandate, the UN, with the help of our politicians, is now moving to the next stage, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UN estimates an annual cost of $2-3 trillion indefinitely.

See more: [PDF, 718KB]

Keep Them Airborne, All the Time – they will do less harm

Yesterday Flora went down the road for a chat with our deep-green neighbour, Professor Percival. She hoped this would earn green points for her in the Leafy-green Ladies Circle.

She came back agog: “Our Professor is flying business class to Canberra hoping to get on the climate cavalcade going to a classy conference in Paris soon. He says they have this important job to prepare the secret first draft of a new international treaty to save the world from your wicked coal-mining mates.”

I said they should put them all to work underground.

Later, I had a whinge about such travel rorts to our sensible neighbour, Fred McNally.

But Fred had a totally different view.

“It was not a bunch of airborne academics who concocted the Kyoto land grab that stopped me from feeding mulga to starving sheep – it was climate industry busybodies at their desks. Better if the whole green industry is kept in the air flying, or sipping champagne in Paris, rather than modelling carbon ration plans for us, or tramping over every proposed development site looking for skinks, toads and butterflies.”

“We should keep the whole lot in the air, all the time – it would cost the country a lot less.”


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Recycling Burps and Farts

[An excerpt from the newsletter: (PDF, 269KB)]

Yesterday morning, before the frost had left the grass, I was sitting quietly beside my fashionably-green wood-burning heater reading the latest explanation in “The Green Gospel” on why the Arctic ice had not yet melted.

Suddenly Flora burst into the room like an Arctic Blizzard with a look on her face that said I was in big trouble.

“Did you tell that awful Professor Percival he could cut holes in Maria’s belly and leave her with a bum bag and a rubber sausage strapped to her back?”

Can’t believe this is happening? See the sheep torture paddock:

And see here where a whole team of apprentice professors are also torturing cows:

“It’s all right dear” I explained patiently, “The Prof has a new job researching how to stop sheep from adding carbon compounds to the atmosphere.” (Which means, translated crudely – “how to stop sheep from burping and farting”.)

“Well tell him to torture that awful Dorper ram that butts me, not my darling Maria. Where are those animal cruelty people when I need them”?

The Prof had coached me on the settled-science story which I now relayed confidently to Flora: “Sheep and cows release lots of carbon-rich gases from both ends. The science says this will affect the atmosphere, heat up the globe, melt the ice caps and we will all drown.”

“He is being paid big bucks to postpone that watery judgement day.”

Farmer Fred and the Professor

The Percival Effect
Correlations, Causes and Dis-proofs

Every morning just before dawn our rooster crows and soon afterwards the sun comes up. We have observed no exceptions over three months – clear evidence of perfect correlation. Therefore we have concluded that the crowing rooster causes the sun to rise.

My wife Flora (who believes that the Cooee birds bring the rain) said: “I knew that ages ago – Professor Percival told me.”

So I consulted Professor Percival, our neighbour. He is Professor Emeritus in the “Science in Society” Department at Top-Line University. He specialises in the effect of sound waves on atmospheric transmissivity. He says that some roosters produce sound waves of just the right frequency to affect the dawn visibility through the thick morning atmosphere. He has written pal-reviewed papers on the subject which has been named “The Percival Effect”. In all the hallowed halls, it is regarded as “settled science”.


Cartoon credit:

However, we decided that our rooster was not doing his day job, so he ended up as roast dinner last night.

Flora was very concerned – “what if the sun does not appear at all tomorrow?” she wailed.

But the sun rose as normal.

Flora was relieved but a concerned Professor Percival went off to check his calculations “for feedback loops”. He is still checking.

One thing was proved conclusively in just one day – the rooster’s crowing does not make the sun appear. Something else causes the sun to rise. Our ninety-two correlations did not prove causation. But just one disproof was needed to kill the Percival Effect.

So it is with the Greenhouse Effect. For about 20 years now, carbon dioxide levels have risen steadily but global temperatures are trending level. Therefore CO2 does not control global temperature.

One disproof is all that is needed.

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” – Albert Einstein

(Disclosure: Big Rooster has not funded any of this research.)

Read More:
“The claim that increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is causing “global warming” . . has no more scientific foundation than the bloodletting of past generations:”

Acknowledgement: I am indebted to the late Bert Kelly, MP, for introducing me to “Farmer Fred” many years ago. Bert was a Liberal MP from South Australia, who became famous for his regular media articles by “Modest Member”. Bert was one of the most sensible men to ever be elected to Parliament, and one of the founders of “The Dries” so naturally did not advance far in Parliament. Some of his history can be found here:
Here is the first Modest Member column, from 1969, where Bert introduces his main characters including Fred the farmer:

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  • Recycling Burps and Farts
  • Keep Them Airborne, All the Time
  • Restoring a Sense of Perspective
  • The Hottest Afternoon EVAAH!!

Read the full report: [PDF, 269KB]

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