Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants To Jail Climate Skeptics

By Paul Driessen

“… But surely the most surreal episode of the march was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. saying Morano and I and thousands like us should be jailed for expressing doubts about “dangerous manmade climate change.”

“I think they should be in jail … with all the other war criminals.” Republican politicians too – “those guys are doing the Koch brothers bidding and are against all the evidence, saying global warming does not exist. They are contemptible human beings,” he fumed.

“So RFK the younger wants to punish us for the “crimes” of exercising our First Amendment rights, demanding actual evidence to support alarmist assertions, saying people’s needs for reliable, affordable energy must be part of the conversation – and insisting that those needs take precedence over absurd claims that climate change is “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction,” posing “greater long-term consequences” than ISIL, terrorism or Ebola, as Secretary of State John Kerry insists.”

See the full article by Paul Driessen:–as-a-war-criminal-n1900518/page/full

Sea Levels are Not Rising

  • At most, global average sea level is rising at a rate equivalent to 2-3 inches per century. It is probably not rising at all.
  • Sea level is measured both by tide gauges and, since 1992, by satellite altimetry. One of the keepers of the satellite record told Professor Mörner that the record had been interfered with to show sea level rising, because the raw data from the satellites showed no increase in global sea level at all.
  • The raw data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON sea-level satellites, which operated from 1993-2000, shows a slight uptrend in sea level. However, after exclusion of the distorting effects of the Great El Niño Southern Oscillation of 1997/1998, a naturally-occurring event, the sea-level trend is zero.
  • The GRACE gravitational-anomaly satellites are able to measure ocean mass, from which sea-level change can be directly calculated. The GRACE data show that sea level fell slightly from 2002-2007.
  • These two distinct satellite systems, using very different measurement methods, produced raw data reaching identical conclusions: sea level is barely rising, if at all.
  • Sea level is not rising at all in the Maldives, the Laccadives, Tuvalu, India, Bangladesh, French Guyana, Venice, Cuxhaven, Korsør, Saint Paul Island, Qatar, etc.
  • In the Maldives, a group of Australian environmental scientists uprooted a 50-year-old tree by the shoreline, aiming to conceal the fact that its location indicated that sea level had not been rising. This is a further indication of political tampering with scientific evidence about sea level.
  • Modelling is not a suitable method of determining global sea-level changes, since a proper evaluation depends upon detailed research in multiple locations with widely-differing characteristics. The true facts are to be found in nature itself.
  • Since sea level is not rising, the chief ground of concern at the potential effects of anthropogenic “global warming” – that millions of shore-dwellers the world over may be displaced as the oceans expand – is baseless.
  • We are facing a very grave, unethical “sea-level-gate”.

by Professor Nils-Axel Mörner

Read More here: [PDF, 3.7MB]

Nothing New about Climate Change

Ice cores taken in both Antarctica and Greenland show there is nothing new in climate change. The diagrams below were prepared by Guy LeBlanc Smith , Retired Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO.

They show how sea level changes reflect changes in temperature.



Convenient Labels

If it’s hot – that’s dangerous global warming.

If it’s cold – that just weather.

When there was deep snow over all the UK, record cold in Europe and Russia, and blizzards in the USA last winter, we were told “That’s not climate, that’s weather!”

Now after a 15 year period of flat or declining global temperatures, when we get a hot spell we are told “That’s not weather, that’s climate!”.

I’m not buying it, guys.

As for the heatwave and fires in Colorado, that is just bad weather and poor forest management. The wildfires are helped by a policy of not back-burning the forests to reduce fuel loadings, and by the idiocy of building housing among the trees without fire breaks between the two.

Don’t try to lay the blame for this on harmless, beneficial to plants, non-pollutant carbon dioxide.

If Rio didn’t give you the message then you are blind – Rio was the funeral rite for the busted hypothesis that was called anthropogenic global warming. Your theory is flawed, your cause is lost, and your god is dead: global warming is now a religion, not science. The IPCC computer models are known to have zero predictive power: nothing they predicted has come to pass. Temperatures are not rising, nor are the seas.

Your prophet Al Gore has led you to a desert of failed ideologies. You may fool the politicians for a few more budgets, but the common people are on to you.

My advice: Jump from this bandwagon before it plummets off the cliff!

Allen Horrell

Waiting for the Answers from the Australian Climate Commission

From: Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith
To: Professor Flannery, The Australian Climate Commission

I would like to submit the following questions to the Climate Commission Ipswich Public Forum on April 7th:

As a retired Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO with a doctorate in sedimentary geology and ancient environmental reconstructions that show climate has always varied naturally – I would like to know the following:

(1) Why has Professor Garnaut not honoured his first term of reference of his review – to show human causation in climate change – he has not yet differentiated human from natural, why?

(2) By how much will global temperature change if Australian human carbon dioxide generation were to totally cease and how much would that cost us? – this is designed to show a base line calibration.

(3) Will you publish graphs of annual global temperature reduction delivered from the proposed Australian carbon tax amount by years – for example say for the next 100 years?

Thanks in anticipation of a focused and evidence backed response.

From: DCCEE – ClimateCommision Secretariat []
Sent: Monday, 18 April 2011 10:12 AM
To: Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith
Cc: DCCEE – ClimateCommision Secretariat
Subject: RE: A comment from Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]Dear Guy

Thank you for your email of 2 April to the Climate Commission. The Climate Commission have asked me to respond on their behalf.The Climate Commission was established by the Australian Government to provide all Australians with an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change, the international action being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the economics of a carbon price. The Commission is independent of Ministerial direction and does not comment on policy or provide policy advice.

You have raised a number of questions relating to the science of climate change. The Commission appreciates your desire to understand the science of climate change. Because the Commission receives a large number of queries about climate change science, many of which are variants on a limited number of topics, it has been decided to post responses to its website ( The Commission is developing these responses and your questions will be addressed on the Commission website in the near future.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to the Commission.

Yours sincerely,
John Higgins
Climate Commission

PDF version: [PDF, 52 KB]

Carbon Tax Creates Jobs

If it achieves nothing else the Carbon Tax will create a career path for second hand car salesmen and failed politicians. You can now pay your money, do a two day course and become accredited in Carbon Accounting. The course is available via University or private suppliers.

I have always suspected Mining Engineers and Metallurgists got their certificates from a Kellogg Wheaties packet but we Accountants always had more stringent requirements. Whilst there were some issues on the fringes of our profession , who can forget the bottom of the harbour schemes? At least those guys had the decency to call themselves Tax Agents not Accountants.

This carbon accounting is a black art, no self respecting accountant would become involved in measuring the emissions from a bovine animal, calculating the carbon content and then coming up with a dollar value payable as a tax .

This course should be called Carbon Engineering or better still Carbon Gymnastics and taught in the Arts Faculty.

Rod Bates
Ardross WA

South Pacific Sea Level Changes

“The individual sea level records obtained from the SEAFRAME study on 12 Pacific Islands have all been assessed by the anonymous authors of the official reports as indicating positive trends in sea level over all 12 Pacific Islands involved since the study began in 1993. This assessment studies individual records and finds that all of them show no change of sea level in almost all of the records following the 1998 cyclones. It is considered that cyclones and tsunamis not only induce false readings which should be ignored when calculating a trend, but they also disrupt the leveling of the equipment so that previous years’ figures should also not form part of a trend.”

See the full article South Pacific Sea Level: A Reassessment by Vincent R Gray: [PDF, 1.1 MB]

In addition, Cliff Ollier reports:

“Graphs of sea level for twelve locations in the southwest Pacific show stable sea level for about ten years over the region. The data are compared with results from elsewhere, all of which suggest that any rise of global sea level is negligible. The Darwin theory of coral formation, and subsidence ideas for guyots would suggest that we should see more land subsidence, and apparent sea level rise, than is actually occurring. Sea level studies have not been carried out for very long, but they can indicate major tectonic components such as isostatic rebound in Scandinavia. Attempts to manipulate the data by modelling to show alarming rates of sea level rise (associated with alleged global warming) are not supported by primary regional or global data. Even those places frequently said to be in grave danger of drowning, such as the Maldives, Tuvalu and Holland, appear to be safe.”

See the full article Sea Level in the Southwest Pacific is Stable by Cliff Ollier: [PDF, 881 KB]

Here is a the very latest sea Level data from “The South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project” produced by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology with technical support from the National Tidal centre and funded by the Australian Agency for International Development. There is no evidence of any dramatic increases in sea levels.


(From Nov, 2009)

Science Not Settled After All

“Well, the thing is we’re dealing with an incomplete understanding of the
way the earth’s system works…”

“When we come to the last few years, where we haven’t seen a continuation
of that warming trend, we don’t understand all of the factors that
create earth’s climate, so there are some things we don’t understand,
that’s what the scientists were emailing each other about, you know, we
just don’t understand the way the whole system works, and we’re trying
to find out.”

“These people work with models, computer modelling, when the computer
modelling and the real world data disagrees you’ve got a very
interesting problem, that’s when science really gets engaged. What Kevin
Trenberth, one of the most respected climate scientists in the world, is
saying is, ‘Guys, we have to get on our horses and find out what we
don’t know about the system, we have to actually understand why the
cooling is occurring, because the current modelling doesn’t reflect it.'”

“…sure for the last few years we have gone through a slight cooling

Tim Flannery, ABC Lateline 23 Nov 2009

Cap-N-Tax is Like Taxing Ambulances to Reduce Traffic Accidents

Taxing carbon dioxide under the misguided perception that it causes temperature change is like placing a tax on ambulances because they cause vehicle accidents. Like CO2, ambulances arrive after the event.

Vehicle accidents occur and some time later ambulances arrive.

Temperature goes up and some time later CO2 goes up.

Clearly there is a parallel… Using the logic of many misguided politicians and their advisers, it would seem feasible through careful assumption-based computer modelling to show this… and build a scenario for taxing ambulances and thereby reducing vehicle accidents.

I am a concerned professional research scientist with over 30 years experience, latter part with CSIRO as a Principal Research Scientist. As my funding no longer depends on politicians, I am free to make my information and conclusions public.

We are now in the closing stages of the Cap-n-Tax debate. We need to rely on evidence and facts, not propaganda, before such crucial decisions are taken.

The real world evidence such as revealed in the ice cores suggests that the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is built on fraud. See this graph; click on it for a larger image:


I urge you to vote against the CPRS and any Carbon Tax or Trading scheme.

Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith, PhD, AIG, AAPG

Climate is Always Changing – Man Has No Control Over It

Just one graph should be enough to kill the whole Cap-n-Tax Debate.

This graph, compiled by Ex-CSIRO scientist Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith PhD, AIG, AAPG, from data obtained from deep core drilling on the Greenland Ice Sheet, shows that all life on earth now, including polar bears, coral reefs and humans, have survived massive sea level changes and rapid and dramatic changes in earth’s temperature. There were no coal fired power stations and no gas guzzling cars to cause these changes then, and the same natural forces will change the future. Humans will need wits and resources to cope with future changes and every diversion of our resources to nonsense like Cap-n-Tax will reduce the chances that we will survive future changes.

The real danger to all life on earth is NOT warming and abundant aerial plant food (carbon dioxide) – the real threat is ICE and plant starvation.

To see the history buried in the Greenland Ice sheet see this chart (click for a larger image):


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