Wi-Fi Router Default Login IP addresses | 192.168.l.l or,

192.168.1. 1 or or is a default Internet Protocol (IP) address which is used by most wireless modems and routers to work as an access point to employ them in the private networks. This IP address can also be used by several other devices connected to a private network. Is the most common type of IP address that is being used today. However, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has also reserved other options like and for private use. These addresses are known as “host addresses” which a part of the IP address is.

The main reason for using the IP address is to undertake careful measures while setting up or installing a wireless home network.

Wi-Fi Router Default Login IP addresses: 192.168.l.l or, IP is most commonly used IP address which is used to gain access to the web page of Linksys router setup. For accessing your router you have type in your internet browser’s address bar: After you have got access to your router’s administration panel, you can make modifications in the options for LAN, WAN, IP Quos, WLAN settings, network management, security options, etc.

What is an Internet Protocol?

Internet Protocol (IP) is the technique designed for transmission of data from one system to another through the Web or Internet. Every device connected to the internet has at least one IP address. Role of IP addresses is very crucial as when a particular information or data is exchanged between a sender and a receiver, the data is divided into tiny bits of information which are kept in packets and each packet contains the receiver’s and sender’s IP addresses.

The gateway computer receives every packet and then interprets the destination address sending the packet to an adjacent gateway. The adjacent gateway after reading the destination addresses on the web identifies the packet. The gateway continues to advance the packet further to the address specified in the computer.

The most commonly used IP address is Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). Nowadays IPv6 is receiving maximum support as it can access the IP addresses which are significantly longer, creating an option for a great number of internet users. IPv6 contains all the features of IPv4, thus making any server which supports IPv6 to also support IPv4.

An IP address is a 32-nit numeral that identifies receivers’ and sender’s information which have been forwarded in the form of packets on the internet. A unique IP is assigned to a number of devices like mobiles, computers, laptop, routers, and printers. An IP address is made up of two parts, an identifier of a specific internet network and a device identifier of a network.

Every IP address consists of 4 numerals divided by periods or dots. You should know that if you type small letter L in the IP address you will commit an error as is very different from 192.168.l.l. Such numerals are known as “octets” as there are 8 positions in a binary illustration containing 32 bits.

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