Waves and Tides

Watching Weather Waves, but Missing Climate Tides.

By Viv Forbes, 17 July 2018

The climate alarm media, the bureaucracy and the Green Energy industry follow an agenda which is served by inflating any short-term weather event into a climate calamity. They should take a long-term view.

Earth’s climate is never still – it is always changing, with long-term trends, medium-term reversals and minor oscillations. Humanity is best served by those who use good science to study geology, astronomy and climate history searching for clues to climate drivers and the underlying natural cycles and trends hidden in short-term weather fluctuations.

For the last 10,000 years Earth has basked in the Holocene Interglacial which is the latest of many warm cycles within the Pleistocene Ice Age. There are small warm and cool cycles within the Holocene. Today we enjoy the Modern Warm Cycle (which started about calendar 1900) following the Little Ice Age which bottomed in about 1750.

What does the future hold? The past gives clues to the future.

In every warm era, glaciers retreat, ice sheets melt and sea levels rise. Coastal land, ports and settlements are lost under the rising seas but tundra, grasslands and forests expand. Some corals manage to grow as fast as the seas rise, but others are drowned in deep water. The warmth drives more carbon dioxide from the seas, plants thrive, deserts shrink and humans are well fed.

Then solar intensity wanes, solar orbits change, less solar energy is received by the big northern lands, and the warm Earth radiates more heat to space. It starts cooling.

As Earth enters a cold era, not all of the winter snow melts over summer. The extra snow reflects more solar radiation, leading to even colder winters. The snow-line and the tree-line fluctuate lower, mountain passes are closed, and advancing glaciers threaten mountain villages. Sea ice expands, ice sheets grow, lakes and rivers are frozen, sea levels drop and coral reefs are stranded above the water line. The cooling seas absorb life-giving carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and crops fail; deserts expand, humans suffer poverty and famine, settlements are abandoned, armies march, empires fall and some species disappear.

This has happened many times before and will probably happen again.

But there are clues to the next big phase for Earth’s climate.

Earth has two natural global thermometers which can reveal short and long term trends – the advance and retreat of glaciers, and the rise and fall of sea level.

If glaciers are growing and ice sheets are advancing and getting thicker, it indicates that average global temperature is falling.

Glaciologists have drilled and analysed many of today’s glaciers. They have been surprised to discover that, outside of Antarctica and Greenland, no glacial ice older than 4,000 years has been found. For example, the Fremont Glacier in Wyoming half-way towards the Equator is only a few hundred years old.

Naturally some of these new glaciers can show melting and retreat during long spells of warm weather, but the mere existence of glaciers today where none existed at the peak of the Holocene warming over 3,000 years ago confirms what other studies show – Earth is gradually cooling towards the next Glacial Cycle.

Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) – Temperature Reconstruction – “Falling for 3000 Years” From “The Inconvenient Skeptic” p 115 by John Kehr 2011, http://theinconvenientskeptic.com/

The second natural thermometer is the changing sea level caused by fluctuations in the volume of ice and snow trapped on land, and by the expansion or contraction in the volume of sea water as it warms or cools. Coastal and near-shore locations show much evidence of past and recent sea level changes. In warm eras, glaciers and ice sheets melt, sea water expands, sea levels rise and offshore coral reefs become submerged and drown. Then as peak warming is passed, ice starts to accumulate on land, cooling sea water contracts and sea
levels fall.

Even a moderate cooling event such as the Little Ice Age was sufficient to cause lowering of sea level and stranding of port cities and beaches.

A Stranded Beach – Coastline east of Prawle Point, South Devon England – shows an old beach now well above current sea levels © Copyright Tony Atkin and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Earth’s natural thermometers are now flashing an amber warning. The long-term trends point to growing glaciers and falling sea level. These warn us that the warm moist bountiful Holocene Era is past its peak. The next chapter in Earth’s History will be a long, hungry, ice-bound era. Only humans who are good at hunting and gathering or have easy access to nuclear power or carbon energy will survive.

Temperature Reconstructions using deep sea sediment cores. (Raymo, 2005) From “The Inconvenient Skeptic” 2011 p42, by John Kehr http://theinconvenientskeptic.com/

People who try to create a “Climate Crisis” out of extreme weather events or short-term climate fluctuations (such as today’s Modern Warm Cycle) are like Lord Nelson – their telescope is applied to the blind eye. They point to the choppy waves from summer storms behind the ship, but fail to see the blizzard approaching on the horizon ahead.

Al Gore was right in one thing – warm cycles coincide with high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The warmth drove CO2 into the atmosphere, and then the cooling oceans removed it again. Carbon dioxide variations are the result, not the cause, of climate changes.

But never once, over eleven warm cycles covering the last million years, have those high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide prevented the onset of the next glacial cycle.

“Carbon Dioxide
Causes Global Warming
Like Wet Roads
Cause Rain.”

Trying to remove or limit atmospheric carbon dioxide is a futile and costly gesture. Even if it were to succeed, by removing plant food from the atmosphere, it would increase the misery of the approaching cold, hungry era.

We may still have warm decades or even centuries ahead. But even when there is a heatwave in autumn, the winter still comes.

“Summer is Over
Fall is Fading . . . .
And Winter? Winter is Coming!”

John Kehr, 2011, “The Inconvenient Skeptic”. www.theinconvenientskeptic.com

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No Turbines Turning

At first light this morning (14th July), at our home in Southern Queensland, there was frost on the grass and the chook water was frozen. There was not a breath of wind to turn a turbine, and not a ray of sunshine struck our solar panels.

But at the flick of a switch our stove, electric jug and heaters were energised.

What supplied the power – the old reliables of course – coal, gas and hydro.

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  1. Comment by James Rust on July 20, 2018 12:30 pm

    Great article. This needs circulation among all who live on the planet. Maybe this would slow the foolish expenditure of money trying to replace abundant, inexpensive fossil fuels with expensive, unreliable renewable energy sources.

  2. Comment by Roy Lewis on July 22, 2018 12:41 am

    Am I missing something, they are screaming about the great barrier reef bleaching due to high CO2 levels but if the water is getting warmer surely there is less CO2 in it?

  3. Comment by John Shanahan on July 24, 2018 4:42 pm

    Hello Viv,

    I became aware of your website through a friend, Bryce Johnson. We posted one of you articles, see here:


    Our mission is to contribute to global public education about the importance of fossil fuels and nuclear and also their many by-products and services. We focus on explaining how fossil fuels and nucler are important for humanity and the environment.

    We issue the Environmentalists for Nuclear – USA Newsletter about 12 times a year to help our audience in 120 countries get to better know our website, efn-usa.org. We have posted nearly 1,400 articles, books, videos by more than 700 authors.


    Many topics have different points of view. We post all points of view and let our readers decide for themselves. The truth always comes out in the end. The topic of catastrophic man-made global warming is very important for the world. See my comments at the beginning of your article, above the photo of Sidney.

    We will visit your website and select some more articles. You write and analyze very well.



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