Green Toys for Rich People?

The Climate Scare/Green Energy Bubble will be the defining feature of our age. Never before have so many people wasted so much money and time on climate fables, alarmist handouts and energy toys.

Already it has spread further, distracted more people and wasted more community resources than the South Sea Bubble, the Tulip Mania or Y2K. Future generations will read in wonder how sensible people like Germans, British, Spanish, Danes, Californians, Australians and Kiwis lost their ability for critical thinking.

The guilty parties will never admit their foolishness, and the vested interests will fight to keep their privileges, so we will have to fight every inch of the way. They will have to be removed.

But reality and public opinion are on our side. We just need to keep illustrating and lampooning the cost of this foolishness. And keep Tony Abbott to his promise to AXE THE CARBON TAX.

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My Carbon Footprint


With thanks from Steve Hunter.

Bad Stuff Happens

The first climate scare was man-made “global warming”.

But the warming refused to appear as fast as the models predicted, so it became “climate change”.

But people were not stupid and soon were saying “but climate always changes”.

So now the climate scare industry is focussing on “extreme weather events”, and naturally they still claim these are caused by man-made carbon dioxide.

Timed beautifully for the meeting of the climatists in Durban, the UN IPCC has outdone themselves in forecasting extreme weather events – “weather on steroids”. Determined to scare up a consensus in Durban, this weather scare is sprinkled with warnings of “diluvian rains”, and droughts, cyclones, heat-waves of such magnitude or frequency that “settlement in some areas could be wiped out” and “some areas will become increasingly marginal as places to live” and “it is possible that many residents will have to relocate.”

Source (With thanks to CCNet):

Maybe they should be reminded that extreme weather events have been occurring as far back as earth history has been recorded. Here is a listing of “extreme events” over 1900 years, prepared by James Marusek:

Check them out here:

Here is another list of droughts, fires, floods and disappearing or growing ice. It starts with a record of sea floods that drowned 100,000 people in Holland in 1481.


Maybe “extreme weather events” are “normal” here on earth and man has very little to do with most of them. Someone needs to tell the pampered pontificators of the IPCC: “Bad Stuff Happens – get used to it, make appropriate preparations – you are not going to stop it.”


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Carbon Tax – the Turd in the Swimming Pool


Reproduced with thanks from Andy Semple at

Back to the Dark Ages

The passage of the carbon tax bills today is no reason for celebration. It is a step back towards the dark ages.

Just a few generations ago, humans lived in a “green” world. There was no coal, oil or gas providing light, heat, transport and traction power.

In this green utopia, wood provided heat for cooking fires and forests were felled for charcoal for primitive metallurgy; farmers used wooden ploughs and harvested grain with sickles and flails; the nights were lit using candles and whale oil; rich people used wind and water power to grind cereals; horses and bullocks moved coaches, wagons and troops; there was no refrigeration and salt was the only preservative for meat.

Towns were tiny as the whole family was needed to work the farm. For most people, the daylight hours were filled with heavy labour to produce, preserve and transport food. There was no surplus to support opera, bureaucracy or academia.

Humanity was relieved from this life of unrelenting toil by carbon energy – steam engines and electricity, machines, tractors, cars, ships and planes.

Today the pagan green religion celebrates the first step in their long campaign to destroy industrial society and reduce population.

They should be careful what they wish for.

For example, just a few more bitter winters in Britain will see their wind powered lights going out.

A British observer once said of the Whitlam government: “Any fool can bugger up Britain, but it takes real genius to bugger up Australia”.

The Gillard-Green Government is showing the sort of genius needed to dim the lights in the lucky country.


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Reaping Green Dividends

The carbon policies of the Australian government will destroy regional industry.

Most regional industry relies on adding value to the products of primary industries – smelters, refineries, processing plants, cement plants, sawmills, flour mills, abattoirs and rail and port infrastructure. These facilities require cheap reliable electricity, which will never be supplied by green energy toys.

Recently Xstrata announced plans to cease smelting and refining copper in Queensland. Then Blue Scope Steel decided to reduce production and shed workers. Now Rio has signalled the sale of its aluminium processing empire. Next we can expect that a large coal fired electricity generator will be unable to repay its debts. Cement plants will be squeezed and rail and port costs will increase.

All of these projects are denigrated in their own country because they have one thing in common – they rely heavily on carbon fuels such as coal and gas and thus are all threatened by the toxic carbon tax. None of these activities will cease because of our carbon tax. They will either pay foreign spivs for “carbon credits” or the business will transfer to other countries who will welcome our trashed industries.

Not one of these operations will survive if forced to use costly and unreliable wind or solar power.

The 74 green lemmings in Parliament have given us “certainty” – the certainty of capital flight and job losses.

Are we prepared for the new green future where jobless Australians survive from backyard vegie gardens, poaching kangaroos and wild pigs from carbon credit forests and cooking with biomass on a wood stove? Of course we will enjoy pirate movies downloaded at the speed of light using the NBN (as long as the sun is shining or the wind blows).


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Invisible CO2


Kill the Combet Carbon Tax

Two years ago, in June 2009, supported by a few other maverick climate alarm sceptics and even fewer in the non-government media, the Carbon Sense Coalition opposed the Rudd-Wong-Turnbull Ration and Tax Scheme. The public support of the sceptics was dramatically contrasted with the lack of support from big business. The people and the sceptics won, and the Rudd-Wong-Turnbull
RATS scheme was beaten.

For a reminder of this battle see:

But the Carbon War is far from over. Now we have Brown-Gillard-Combet trying to ram down our throats a new carbon tax followed by a revamped RATS Scheme. We are not helped in this battle by luke warmists such as Greg Hunt. And we face daily alarmism from the whole government media/research empire.

But the sceptics are now far more numerous, the public is far more aroused, and some politicians are getting nervous. They know that we will never forget who votes for the Carbon Tax Bills. We will remember them in the next election.

Read on: [PDF, 23 KB]

Tax Reform – Three Simple Steps

The Carbon Sense Coalition today proposed three simple tax reforms to the Canberra Tax Forum.

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that just three steps would make Australia’s ramshackle system of rules, exemptions, loopholes and penalties so simple that even politicians could understand it and so efficient that compliance costs would be almost eliminated.

“The reform is mainly repealing things and affects only three taxes – the proposed carbon tax, the GST and the income tax.

“The aim of the carbon tax is to deter the use of carbon fuels by making them more expensive.

“All goods and services have a carbon fuel component in their cost and price, and will bear a share of the carbon tax.

“This carbon tax is thus a broad-based goods and services tax.

“We do not need two GST’s.

“Therefore the simplest tax reform of all is to abandon all nineteen carbon-GST bills and also abolish all exemptions applying to the current GST.

“To make this GST change palatable to the people, let’s abolish all income taxes. We do not need that complex regulatory mess either.

“Overnight people will have an incentive to produce things, create jobs and consume less – this has always been the path to real community prosperity.

“Just three changes – simple, predictable, no loopholes.

“Forget Tax Forum Talkfests and Tax Return Torture.

“Just do it now.”

Prof Tim Ball on Global Warming

It’s all about the sun, not about carbon dioxide:

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