Paris Conference threatens our Access to Energy

Every living thing needs access to energy – food, light and warmth.

But the UN is plotting to limit our access to energy.


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A study of human history shows what a grave threat this poses to all of us.

Our distant ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They killed and ate wild animals, which provided much of their energy needs. Solar energy warmed their days, and gave life to the herbs, roots and fruits they gathered and to the grasses and shrubs that sustained their prey. Sunlight reflected from the moon allowed them to hunt and fish during moon-lit nights. The sun and moon dominated their world, so naturally many of them worshipped these heavenly bodies.

The invention of stone and wooden weapons and tools increased their access to energy – hunting and gathering was more efficient with tools.

The discovery of how to control fire multiplied man’s access to energy. Fire provided heat and light and could be used to clear vegetation, fight enemies and trap wild animals.

Hunter-gatherers need access to land, preferably free from competitors. This led to the development of territory with defined and defended property boundaries. Property rights are thus an essential ingredient to provide guaranteed access to food and energy.

Keep Them Airborne, All the Time – they will do less harm

Yesterday Flora went down the road for a chat with our deep-green neighbour, Professor Percival. She hoped this would earn green points for her in the Leafy-green Ladies Circle.

She came back agog: “Our Professor is flying business class to Canberra hoping to get on the climate cavalcade going to a classy conference in Paris soon. He says they have this important job to prepare the secret first draft of a new international treaty to save the world from your wicked coal-mining mates.”

I said they should put them all to work underground.

Later, I had a whinge about such travel rorts to our sensible neighbour, Fred McNally.

But Fred had a totally different view.

“It was not a bunch of airborne academics who concocted the Kyoto land grab that stopped me from feeding mulga to starving sheep – it was climate industry busybodies at their desks. Better if the whole green industry is kept in the air flying, or sipping champagne in Paris, rather than modelling carbon ration plans for us, or tramping over every proposed development site looking for skinks, toads and butterflies.”

“We should keep the whole lot in the air, all the time – it would cost the country a lot less.”


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Exposing the Green Agenda

This presentation by Michael Darby shows some of the frightening statements listed by the gurus of the Greens. Read, learn and then plan to defend Australia against seriously twisted people.

“We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. 9apps fast download Even if the theory of global
warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and
environmental policy.”

Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation, 1998-2013.

More Green agenda here: [PDF, 747KB]

Read more:

The Global Warming Gas, or The Bread and Butter of Life?

We are told, incessantly, that carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming – it is not.

The primary source of surface heat is radiant energy from the sun. Minor heat comes from geothermal energy from volcanoes and hot rocks. Trivial quantities of local heat are brought to Earth’s surface by humans using stoves, cars, boilers, engines and factories powered by mined fuels such as coal, oil, gas and uranium. Even using “green” energy such as ethanol, wind or wood has a tiny temperature effect by transferring solar energy from farms and forests, to be released eventually as waste heat in cities.

Solar energy is more concentrated in equatorial areas and is moved pole-wards by the circulation of air (99.9% nitrogen, oxygen and argon), and by water and water vapour via evaporation, condensation and ocean currents. These processes are all driven by conduction, convection, latent heat and Earth’s rotation, not carbon dioxide. They are the major forces creating weather. Variations in solar cycles and cloud cover control longer term climate change.

Carbon dioxide plays almost no part in any of these dominant weather processes. Moreover, it does not burn, nor is it radioactive – it cannot produce heat.

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  • Europe’s Green Hell
  • Sunset for Solar Subsidies
  • The Green Kiss of Death

Read the full report:

Keywords: Global warming, carbon dioxide, solar cycles, tornados, green energy in Europe, solar subsidies, renewable energy targets, blackouts, energy policy crisis, Green poison.

Greenpeace has Selective Blindness

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said he was surprised that a group supposedly protecting the environment are so viciously attacking the energy source that has done more to protect the environment than any other.

“Without coal, humans would have stripped every tree from every populated area to provide heating, cooking, building materials, steam power, and charcoal for smelting metals.

“Their silly opposition to coal in Britain means that now one large UK power station (Drax) is converting to burn wood, harvested in North American forests, and shipped to Britain to be burnt. Their selective blindness does not compute the net energy waste involved in this stupidity.

“Does Greenpeace support burning the forests?

“Green policies have also caused such high power prices that poor consumers in Europe’s bitter winter were stripping forests for firewood, even burning old books to keep warm.

“Does Greenpeace support high power prices, wood-poaching and book-burning?

“Green promotion of wind power is defacing the rural environment with networks of roads, power lines and whirling scythes that slaughter millions of bats and raptors all over the world. And causing duplication of generating equipment for the 70% of the time wind turbines do not deliver planned power.

“Does Greenpeace support this environmental destruction and waste of community resources?

“Greenpeace probably also believe that coal-fired power generation causes city smogs. It does not.

“Air pollution is nothing new. King Edward I complained about London pollution in 1306, as did Queen Elizabeth I in 1578, long before the first steam engine operated.

“The Asian smog is not caused by producing electricity in modern power stations with closed boilers, pollution controls and using high-quality washed coal such as exported by Australia to Asia. The “power station pollution” pictured so eagerly in ABC and Greenpeace propaganda is actually steam from the cooling towers.

“The main products of burning coal are water vapour and carbon dioxide – both are essential life supporters. The carbon dioxide produced by burning coal has done more to encourage the growth of plants and the greening of planet Earth than Greenpeace Pirates will ever do.”


Bayswater Power Station at Full Production.
The wispy white vapour is steam, from the cooling towers, as harmless as what comes out of a boiling kettle. The tall stacks are the Exhaust Stacks, emitting mostly invisible harmless natural gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and argon. They all came from the atmosphere in the first place. Where is the pollution?

“Today’s Asian smogs have many sources – forest fires in Indonesia; open air cremations in India; dust from volcanic eruptions and the Gobi desert; soot, ash and other pollutants from millions of domestic cooking fires and heaters using anything combustible – cow dung, wood, paper, cardboard, plastic or cheap unwashed coal; and soot and unburnt hydro-carbons from millions of vehicles, many with engines needing maintenance and no pollution controls.

“Clean, silent, non-polluting, low-cost electricity (“Clean coal by wire”) into every home is the one thing that could solve most of the Asian air pollution. Greenpeace will be believable when they can demonstrate that they use nothing made by coal energy and they can survive with their pleasant western lifestyle in world bereft of carbon energy from coal, oil and gas.”

PDF version: [PDF: 30KB]

Greens Destroy Grassland Heritage

When Europeans settled Australia, much of the country was covered by grasslands and open forests. In 1770, that great botanist Sir Joseph Banks reported “very few tree species, but every place was covered with vast quantities of grass”. Many other explorers and settlers made similar observations.

The land had been kept in this state for centuries by aboriginal land managers using their main tool, fire. However, since 1788, the use of fire was progressively suppressed by settlers, foresters, city dwellers, bureaucrats and environmentalists.

Trees invade and then suffocate grasslands unless tree seedlings are kept in check by fire or by mechanical or chemical means.

The destruction of Australia’s ancestral grasslands has received a massive boost in recent years by green extremists aiming to remove human activities from rural Australia using national parks, reservations, crown land, heritage areas, Wild Rivers, vegetation orders, logging bans and now Kyoto bans on regrowth clearing.

Prevention of hazard reduction burning (the key tool used by generations of aborigines to maintain Australia’s landscape), lockout of grazing animals and the spread of carbon credit forests is completing the destruction of our savannah lands.

Once the grasslands become infested by woody scrubs, these quickly give protection to noxious weeds such as lantana, groundsel and boxthorn, and vermin such as foxes and wild dogs, cats, and pigs.

The amazing grasses of the world and their seeds feed most of the animal kingdom. The deliberate sacrifice of native grasslands to woody weeds is another suicidal green policy.

For those who would like read some fascinating comments by early explorers and settlers see: [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Back to the Dark Ages

The passage of the carbon tax bills today is no reason for celebration. It is a step back towards the dark ages.

Just a few generations ago, humans lived in a “green” world. There was no coal, oil or gas providing light, heat, transport and traction power.

In this green utopia, wood provided heat for cooking fires and forests were felled for charcoal for primitive metallurgy; farmers used wooden ploughs and harvested grain with sickles and flails; the nights were lit using candles and whale oil; rich people used wind and water power to grind cereals; horses and bullocks moved coaches, wagons and troops; there was no refrigeration and salt was the only preservative for meat.

Towns were tiny as the whole family was needed to work the farm. For most people, the daylight hours were filled with heavy labour to produce, preserve and transport food. There was no surplus to support opera, bureaucracy or academia.

Humanity was relieved from this life of unrelenting toil by carbon energy – steam engines and electricity, machines, tractors, cars, ships and planes.

Today the pagan green religion celebrates the first step in their long campaign to destroy industrial society and reduce population.

They should be careful what they wish for.

For example, just a few more bitter winters in Britain will see their wind powered lights going out.

A British observer once said of the Whitlam government: “Any fool can bugger up Britain, but it takes real genius to bugger up Australia”.

The Gillard-Green Government is showing the sort of genius needed to dim the lights in the lucky country.


  • UN IPCC – Serious Science or Green Activism?
  • Repeal the Carbon Tax? Yes We Can.
  • The New Global Warming Crisis
  • Green Insanity in Britain
  • Green Agenda Unravels

See: [PDF, 148 KB]

The Green Goals

“The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization… [p. 249]

“Unloading essentially means the removal of an existing burden: for instance, removing grazing domesticated animals, razing cities to the ground, blowing up dams and switching off the greenhouse gas emissions machine.” [p. 226]

“A Matter Of Scale” by Keith Farnish, environmental writer, philosopher and activist.

How Green is my Energy

by Geoffrey Luck
June 24, 2011

Take a big deep breath, Bob Brown – savour the 78 parts of nitrogen, 21 of oxygen, and the smidgen of carbon dioxide – and contemplate the folly of your alternative energy ideas. Renewables are not green. That’s the view of one of the pioneers of climate science politics. Jesse Ausubel, Senior Research Associate in The Rockefeller University’s Program for the Human Environment, helped organise the first UN World Climate Conference in Geneva in 1979. He is an avowed ‘deep green’ scientist who believes the essence of being green, and therefore his mantra, is no-new-structures. For years he has been arguing heretical views on energy. In the wake of the Productivity Commission’s scathing comments on renewables, now is the time to listen to him.

Ausubel has a list of heresies that might horrify the true believers in wind and solar power, electric cars and distorting government subsidies:

  • Renewables are not green.
  • The idea of resource exhaustion is irrelevant.
  • Hydrocarbons are not the stored energy of the sun.
  • Little more than 50% of energy will ever be electrified.
  • Nuclear is green, but nuclear plants must make hydrogen as well as electricity.
  • Most surprising of all – decarbonisation has been going on for almost two centuries – without a policy for it.


The New Dark (Green) Age

Last week while driving, I happened to hear part of the farewell speech of Senator Nick Minchin. We will sorely miss people like this stalwart senator. It struck me that this one sad event was like the bell tolling for the new Dark Age to come. In the next few weeks, unless a miracle occurs, and for the first time ever, dark greens and their fellow travellers will gain control of the both houses of parliament in Australia.

No doubt we have won the battle for the minds of the Australian people – every poll shows a strong majority is opposed to the tax on carbon dioxide. And there is growing scepticism for the claim that man causes climate change. But the green elite, who have never won majority support in their own right, are determined to pursue their destructive goals.

Their long-term agenda is to destroy human industry and reduce human population. Thus they are opposed to farming, mining, fishing, forestry, exploration and cheap power.

Their preferred strategy is to divide and conquer. Their tactics are to grab any real concern and magnify and divert it into another reason to destroy or hobble the industries they hate – cattle, sheep, mining, oil and gas, uranium, farming, forestry, fishing and land developers. Their greatest success is achieved when they harness and inflame one industry and use it to ram another – use farmers to destroy the gas industry, use animal lovers and meat workers to destroy live exports, use small business to attack big business, make all industries compete against one another for a dwindling supply of emission permits, get farmers to fight food retailers, cry crocodile tears about the loss of fertile land, and then lock up grazing land in trees, heritage areas and other sterilised ground. And all the time they use their domination of the government media and education empires to spread their half-truths.

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in the PDF here: [PDF, 73 KB]

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