Cinderella CO2

Cinderella CO2

A steam train in a tunnel – that’s a clear case of pollution
Air’s black as pitch, your nostrils twitch, but what a great solution
Electric trains proved right as rain, the power’s from a station
Where chimney flues scrub out all hues of soot particulation.

The only vapours from the site are CO2 and water
When carbon mates with oxygen, they have a lovely daughter
Her beauty though is not for show, her hidden charms unlisted
Like Cinderella pre the ball, soot-faced and ugly-sistered.

There is no doubt a glass of stout is good for our well being
And that there brew needs CO2 to make the cork worth freeing
And soda water isn’t short’a carbonated gases
Or do you think that CO2 pollutes our lads and lasses.

The dry ice in your Esky won’t contaminate your food
It’s CO2 in solid form, its gas will not intrude
Solid CO2 won’t melt, it sublimates instead
And doesn’t turn to water which would soak your picnic bread.

The great sponge cakes your mother makes need CO2 for lightness
Champagne contains some CO2, to stimulate its brightness
So what about that greenhouse gas, the monster that we fear
It’s harmless as that self-same gas that frothifies our beer.

This greenhouse thing has gone too far, the hoax must be exposed
A greenhouse is a building with glass ceilings interposed
Allowing sunlight to come in to power photosynthesis
Where Cinderella has a ball and plants can only win with this.

The heat is trapped, and heat transfer obeys the laws of heat
Conduction is through contact, that’s a hot-cold, one-way street
Convection only happens within liquids and with gases
Radiation’s wild and free, but slows down in molasses.

Our planet is no greenhouse and for that we’ve gotta thank it
Its atmosphere is mostly clear and wraps us in a blanket
And H2O it rules you know, in fact it’s pretty neat
If you meet an iceberg please respect its latent heat.

The blanket that surrounds us is a blanket in a squillion
The CO2 part’s pretty thin, four hundred parts per million
When yarns are stretched as thin as that, it’s like a nylon stocking
It’s measured by deniers, what it covers up is shocking.

King Coal has brought us from the slums, to fortune and to favour.
The real deniers criticise. King Coal’s supporters waver.
But truth will win and then the fraud of taxing carbon users
And trading air to our despair, will join the list of losers.

The fragrance of the sweet fresh rain, the moisture, drops and dew
Owe so much of their sparkle to our friend called CO2.

Jock McPoet April 2011
From the Jock McPoet Book

Climate Rap… the Climate Change Swindle

For too long our kids have been fed scare stories about Environmental Armageddon. And most of the green fascism has come from Europe, particularly Germany.

But now from Austria we have Klimawandel (Klimalüge, Klimaschwindel) or Climate Change (Climategate, Climate swindle).

Youthful Rapper Kilez More suggests that the youth of today need to “to think on your own, to search the truth by yourself and to speak out loud against unfairness and lies”

Here’s his rap Look at it, even with English subtitles the cartoons and illustrations are great, really great. Send it to your kids and grandkids.

Here’s an interview with the author on NoTricksZone: Science Rapper Mobilizes Youth To Think For Themselves

The Green Way

The political way of the Greens
Is not what you’d think the word means,
For they want to control every body and soul,
And tax those who fart on baked beans.

Anti-climate change laws will soon start,
When we’re back to the draft-horse and cart.
And they’ll put cows in cages and test them with gauges
And tax them whenever they fart.

But for ever they’ll be on the run,
And they never will get the job done,
For in India’s land the cow numbers stand
At four hundred million and one.

Peter Brun

The Global Warming Scam


The temperature’s up and the sky it is falling
And the steam from the kettle is killing our towns
The weak plaided cries of alarmists are calling
But people are wary of scamsters and clowns

The cows in the paddocks are eating and farting
And disaster comes near as the gas hits the sky
The scamsters cry out that the heavens are parting
And the weak minded greenies just blubber and cry

But where is the science which proves all these theories?
And where are those scientists drawing their pay?
And who moves the lips of those loonies and greenies?
And who’ll give those scamsters the time of the day?

The moon it is high and the tide is still rising
And the scamsters and loonies are preaching the doom
But sailors and seamen don’t find this surprising
And laugh all the scamsters right out of the room

Thermometers boil as the sun reaches midday
And the scamsters and loonies all babble and wail
But the folk in the desert just reach for a coldie
And the farmer calls smoko and sits on the rail

But the red dog of Canberra still keeps right on barking
And the greenies and loonies still share all its fleas
While laughter rings out from the world who is watching
And Australia moves closer to down on its knees.

© Brian McRae
State Director ONE NATION
Western Australia

What it Means to be Green

What it Means to be Green

The political way of the Greens
Is not what you’d think the word means,
For they want to control every body and soul,
And tax those who fart on baked beans.

Peter Brun, Sydney, Australia

The Carbon Tax

By Cliff Ollier

Hurrah, Hurrah the Carbon Tax
Just pay up and then relax.

We’ll stop warming, have no fears,
(Maybe take a thousand years).
Like Canute we’ll stop the waves.
Make sure that the sea behaves.

Hurrah, Hurrah the Carbon Tax
Just pay up and then relax.

Drought and floods will all be gone
(Miss Mackellar please move on).
Cyclones, bushfires, locusts, pests,
Carbon Tax will put to rest.

Hurrah, Hurrah the Carbon Tax
Just pay up and then relax.

Carbon’s nasty, so they say
(scientists, within our pay)
So we tax it through the nose
Don’t ask where the money goes.

Ministers for this and that,
Lots and lots of bureaucrats
Wish to use the Carbon Tax,
So pay up, and just relax.

Hurrah, Hurrah the Carbon Tax
Just pay up and then relax.

All the horrors we endure
Carbon Tax is sure to cure.
We will fix them, bye and bye,
Were we ever known to lie?

Notes for Non-Australians.

Our government proposes to introduce a Carbon Tax, after promising it would not do so at the last election.

Canute was a king (around AD 1000) who commanded the tide to stop rising.

Dorothea McKellar wrote (1904) a great iconic poem about Australia that includes:

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.

Prof. Cliff Ollier
School of Earth and Environment
University of Western Australia
Nedlands, W.A. 6009
(08) 6488 2664


Pollute: To make foul or unclean (Macquarie Dictionary).

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere without which all plants would suffocate. It is odorless and invisible, and plant life flourishes around coal-fired power stations which use scrubbers to remove particulate matter and other nasties from the chimneys to allow sunlight and carbon dioxide to work the miracle of photosynthesis. By no stretch of the imagination can it be deemed a pollutant.

CO2 in the atmosphere is at historically low levels. It is driven by ocean temperatures – warm water expels CO2; cold water takes up CO2.

“The fundamental reason why carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is critically important to biology is that there is so little of it. A field of corn growing in full sunlight in the middle of the day uses up all of the carbon dioxide within a metre of the ground in about five minutes.”

– Freeman Dyson, Heretical Thoughts about Science and Society.

POLLUTER is surely a title of shame
Obnoxious, like those who misuse it
Labeling something quite clean with this name
Looks a devious way to accuse it
Unless this is challenged, man’s friend CO2
The scapegoat for other agendas
Economically speaking will hurt me and you
Rewarding the lying pretenders.Jock McPoet
April 2011

John McRobert BE (Civ)
Managing Director
CopyRight Publishing Co P/L
William Street, Brisbane
Qld Australia

Sea Ode Two

Sea Ode Two

We think with each succeeding year
Our worries are a new idea
And chicks who think the sky is falling
Keep cropping up at rates appalling.
“Hold your breath” you hear them shout
“And never let your methane out”.

While the sheep are ruminating
Here’s some facts for contemplating.
Man’s CO2 (not many may know)
Is swamped by every live volcano.
Most chlorides come from nature’s stack
To blame us then is pretty slack.
The ozone hole down south of us –
Yawns right above Mt Erebus!!!
The sea will rise, the sea will fall
There’s nothing surer – after all.
That’s what was in days of yore
And will be for ever more
Despite our presence; and our fate
Is micro in the macro, mate.
This greenhouse panic now it’s clear
Is nothing more than atmos-fear.

Jock McPoet

There was a young fellow named Garrett…

There was a young fellow named Garrett
Who learned all his lines like a parrot
And burned Midnight Oil
Wanting others who toil
To be hit with a stick, not a carrot.

Jock McPoet

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