Sunspots and Rainfall Cycles – Prof. Will Alexander

Will Anderson, Professor Emeritus, University of Pretoria has written an “Urgent Submission to the SAICE [South African Institution of Civil Engineering] Council on the Likelihood of Severe Water Resource Droughts” with this summary:

1. There is overwhelming evidence of a causal and predictable linkage between variations in solar
activity and climatic responses, specifically rainfall and river flow.
2. There is no evidence of trends in rainfall and river flow data that could be attributed to unnatural
climate change.
3. There is increasing worldwide research that questions the fundamental basis of climate change
4. The international political situation regarding the implementation of universal measures to
restrict greenhouse gas emissions has collapsed.
5. Recommendations that South Africa should resort to the development of measures to adapt to
human caused climate change will fail because they would be adapting to something that does
not exist.

Read the complete document: [PDF, 266KB].

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