Defund all CSIRO Climate “Research”

By Viv Forbes
Chairman Carbon Sense Coalition

It’s time to defund all CSIRO global warming activities and conferences.

For years now CSIRO and their UN/IPCC puppet-masters have claimed that “climate science is settled”. If so, why are Australian governments still wasting some $150M annually on creating climate scares and producing propaganda for a political war on carbon energy and carbon dioxide?

Australia should cease all government funding for global warming “research” and carbon-centric climate models and leave the honest, useful and difficult business of weather forecasting to the BOM, which should revert to its once-proud name and role as “The Weather Bureau”.

The neurotic focus of Australian politicians and their research puppets on the UN man-made global warming agenda has starved useful research into real factors that do affect global climate. These include cycles and oscillations in solar activity, cosmic rays and clouds, crustal and magmatic movements, volcanic eruptions, and the periodic changes in planetary orbits and axial tilts within the solar system.

Australia is an island surrounded by the vast oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. But CSIRO is mesmerised by atmospheric greenhouse mirages and largely ignores the causes and timing of ENSO oscillations, the amount and locations of submarine volcanism, and the timing, drivers and locations of deep ocean currents and upwellings.

If CSIRO and the government Universities cannot do such basic research in our region their funds should be diverted to the deficit, or applied to weather-proofing our infrastructure.

5 Best Facetime App Alternatives for Android Smartphone

5 Best Facetime App Alternatives for Android Smartphone

Regrettably, no such fate since Apple’s favorite movie chatting program is simply for iOS apparatus.
Among the more challenging tasks when going from iOS on Android is locating a replacement for its omnipresent FaceTime. What makes it hard is that FaceTime is a good video chatting program and everybody else on iOS employs the support. There are a whole lot of video chatting programs on Android however just some of them are able to compete with FaceTime from the movie chat distance. This is our listing of the best options to FaceTime to get Android.

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Cabana is arguably among the more distinctive FaceTime App Alternative options. It is possible to phone up to five of your pals and video chat. Additionally, it lets you view YouTube videos jointly from the authentic movie chat. There are not many communication attributes just like you would see in Google Duo or some similar program. But, it will work mostly the exact same manner. You include friends and family, you video phone them, and after that, you’ve got the choice to view YouTube movies also. This one is relatively new so we will see just how much better it has later on.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is Most Likely the Simplest choice to FaceTime on Android. Lots of individuals use Facebook which includes the majority of the men and women that you know (likely). That usually means you could do video calls using individuals without needing to speak a lot of people to use a brand-new support. The program itself is practical even if it’s annoying and bloated. In addition, it works cross-platform so that your iOS, Android, along with personal computer toting buddies can join the fun. We want Facebook would focus on creating the program somewhat less dreadful, but its prevalence works in its favor in this circumstance.


First on our list is currently a program named Glide. This one is somewhat different from many video programs. This is technically a movie messaging service in which you capture video messages and then send them to individuals. The individual who you’re messaging can observe you capture the message reside but this is not so a lot of live videos chatting program since it’s a video messaging program with a few live talking attributes. It is not a live video talking program, but it also fills the emptiness of FaceTime on Android in case you merely wish to send movies to friends. At the minimum, it is free of charge.

Google Duo

Google Duo is basically FaceTime on Android. It is an easy live video chat support. By easy, we imply that it is all this program does. It, it ties to a contact number, and after that, it’s possible to get to phoning folks. Whoever you are calling will have to be utilizing Duo too. The very best aspect of the app is that it is cross-platform. Meaning your iPhone buddies can get on board too. It’s a couple of basic features, for example, Knock Knock that enables you to view callers until you select up their movie chat telephone. It is simple, free, multi-platform, plus it works extremely well.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is currently Google’s strongest chat program. For the time being, anyhow. With the launch of Google Allo and Duo, Hangouts is gradually becoming dismembered and re-established as a company program. But, it still does video and chats tremendously well. It utilizes your Google account to make your account. That means everything you will need is the email address to discover friends. The movie chat may have several people join simultaneously. This one can also be multi-platform and you’re able to chat with folks on computers (through the net), iOS, and Android. It works pretty well.

This is ladies and gentlemen. The crème de la crème. The Android programs that stand alone on the peak of the pantheon. These programs have become omnipresent using Android and in case you’re on the lookout to get …

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JusTalk is a very excellent video chatting support. It boasts adequate excellent movie on every sort of relationship except for 2G. Additionally, it provides you the choice of doing things such as doodling on the display as you talk, picture sharing, and there’s even theming. There’s additionally boasts cross-platform aid so it’s possible to receive your iOS buddies in on it as well. Do not allow the cost fool you. This program is totally free to use. The in-app buys are for things such as topics and other customization features. They are entirely optional. It is a Terrific choice to FaceTime on Android.


Everyone understands about Skype. It is a heavy hitter in pc video chatting and it is also on mobile devices. Along with cross-platform assistance, Skype has been renown for its own stability, fame, and its numerous capabilities. You could also voice and text telephone your Skype contacts completely free having a choice to get moments to call real telephone numbers. You are able to video with around ten individuals if you wish to. The only disadvantage is that the official program is a little buggy. It always was. But, it will function well enough to be quite a favorable encounter the majority of the moment. It is a perfectly acceptable option to FaceTime on Android.


Tango is among the earliest video chat programs over the Android platform also has had lots of time to enhance and expand through time. It is a full-size chat program which includes text messaging, free movie calls, along with free voice calls for. It’s pivoted through the years to some more social network. You will find lots of features and several different features to fulfill new individuals in addition to video phone the ones that you know. It’s in-app buys, but they are for in-app customizations and are completely optional. The stage is otherwise completely free to work with.

Viber is just another program that has been around for a long, long moment. It originally started out as a calling program but has since graduated into a messaging client and also a location at which you are able to make free video calls. The program boasts more than 600 million consumers globally. That is fairly impressive. There’s also a social feature which allows you check the most recent happenings on the planet. It even offers Android Wear service. Like many others, the in-app buys are primarily for things such as stickers and it is all optional. It is a strong and underrated Alternate to FaceTime on Android.

Nine Facts About Climate Change

Vale Ray Evans, Founder The Lavoisier Society

Ray Evans was one of the first Australians to recognise the poor science and dangerous goals of the global warmists. Way back in 2006, Ray wrote a well-reasoned booklet entitled “Nine Facts about Climate Change”. It still stands as a clear summary of the debate.

To read the full article see: [PDF, 1.6MB]

The Decline of CSIRO and the Agendas behind that Decline

By Graham Williamson, April 2012

There is overwhelming evidence that the political climate change agenda has dragged many scientists down into the world of political spin and deception. In fact, the CSIRO have been seen to be complicit in continually repackaging, recycling, supporting and perpetuating the politicised corrupted and exaggerated claims of the discredited IPCC. Further, the CSIRO has continued to support these corrupted politicised IPCC claims even after the IPCC has been discredited by scientists from around the world, by the IAC review, and by the release of climategate emails. The CSIRO has shown no public concern about the unscientific practices of the IPCC or the implementation of reforms to strengthen the scientific procedures of the IPCC. The CSIRO has even been seen to be reinforcing the IPCC’s campaign to lower the standard of acceptable evidence by disguising AGW uncertainties to make them more acceptable.

The determination with which the CSIRO has endorsed the government’s call to “put a price on carbon” is also most disturbing since this advocacy is clearly not scientifically sustainable unless and until the science confirming human causation and reversibility is settled. But the CSIRO admit the science is not settled and natural climate variability cannot be reliably differentiated from human caused climatic changes. Although there is no clear scientific evidence of an imminent human caused climatic catastrophe and no scientific evidence that current mitigation techniques have the ability to control climate and sea level, CSIRO have nevertheless proceeded to endorse a “treatment” of unknown efficacy and cost for a problem which is yet to be proven real.

Full report: [PDF, 999KB]

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