Defund all CSIRO Climate “Research”

By Viv Forbes
Chairman Carbon Sense Coalition

It’s time to defund all CSIRO global warming activities and conferences.

For years now CSIRO and their UN/IPCC puppet-masters have claimed that “climate science is settled”. If so, why are Australian governments still wasting some $150M annually on creating climate scares and producing propaganda for a political war on carbon energy and carbon dioxide?

Australia should cease all government funding for global warming “research” and carbon-centric climate models and leave the honest, useful and difficult business of weather forecasting to the BOM, which should revert to its once-proud name and role as “The Weather Bureau”.

The neurotic focus of Australian politicians and their research puppets on the UN man-made global warming agenda has starved useful research into real factors that do affect global climate. These include cycles and oscillations in solar activity, cosmic rays and clouds, crustal and magmatic movements, volcanic eruptions, and the periodic changes in planetary orbits and axial tilts within the solar system.

Australia is an island surrounded by the vast oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. But CSIRO is mesmerised by atmospheric greenhouse mirages and largely ignores the causes and timing of ENSO oscillations, the amount and locations of submarine volcanism, and the timing, drivers and locations of deep ocean currents and upwellings.

If CSIRO and the government Universities cannot do such basic research in our region their funds should be diverted to the deficit, or applied to weather-proofing our infrastructure.

Nine Facts About Climate Change

Vale Ray Evans, Founder The Lavoisier Society

Ray Evans was one of the first Australians to recognise the poor science and dangerous goals of the global warmists. Way back in 2006, Ray wrote a well-reasoned booklet entitled “Nine Facts about Climate Change”. It still stands as a clear summary of the debate.

To read the full article see: [PDF, 1.6MB]

The Decline of CSIRO and the Agendas behind that Decline

By Graham Williamson, April 2012

There is overwhelming evidence that the political climate change agenda has dragged many scientists down into the world of political spin and deception. In fact, the CSIRO have been seen to be complicit in continually repackaging, recycling, supporting and perpetuating the politicised corrupted and exaggerated claims of the discredited IPCC. Further, the CSIRO has continued to support these corrupted politicised IPCC claims even after the IPCC has been discredited by scientists from around the world, by the IAC review, and by the release of climategate emails. The CSIRO has shown no public concern about the unscientific practices of the IPCC or the implementation of reforms to strengthen the scientific procedures of the IPCC. The CSIRO has even been seen to be reinforcing the IPCC’s campaign to lower the standard of acceptable evidence by disguising AGW uncertainties to make them more acceptable.

The determination with which the CSIRO has endorsed the government’s call to “put a price on carbon” is also most disturbing since this advocacy is clearly not scientifically sustainable unless and until the science confirming human causation and reversibility is settled. But the CSIRO admit the science is not settled and natural climate variability cannot be reliably differentiated from human caused climatic changes. Although there is no clear scientific evidence of an imminent human caused climatic catastrophe and no scientific evidence that current mitigation techniques have the ability to control climate and sea level, CSIRO have nevertheless proceeded to endorse a “treatment” of unknown efficacy and cost for a problem which is yet to be proven real.

Full report: [PDF, 999KB]

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