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As an inherently impressionable person I have been dealing with the coming apocalypse all my life. It started with the bible. The Book of Revelation in the New Testament vividly warned of impending doom, and many of the Hebrew prophets forecast the apocalypse.

Pope Sylvester II at the beginning of the millennium year 1000, predicted the Millennium Apocalypse, the end of the world. Riots occurred throughout Europe and pilgrims headed to Jerusalem seeking salvation.

And the Apocalypse was always associated with sin, it was deserved. “And these will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” (Matthew 25:40) If I had been thinking sinful thoughts, I trembled at night, dreaming of the fires of hell. There was no escape.

Thomas Malthus wrote an Essay on the Principle of Population in 1798 and became the preeminent father of doom. Unchecked population growth would lead to inevitable catastrophe – population growth was exponential while the growth in food supply was arithmetical.

We were impressionable kids, we grew up with Malthusiasm, waiting for doomsday. It was a compelling argument. Yet 200 years later, despite exponential population growth the world is so much wealthier and better fed. The Malthusian apocalypse was no better than Pope Sylvester’s.

Paul Erhlich became a cult figure in the 1970’s. Malthus’ inability to deliver on his population apocalypse proved no deterrence to Erhlich. He wrote The Population Bomb in 1968 forecasting that “sometime between 1970 and 85 the world will undergo vast famines, hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death.”

Death by Delay

“The difference between taking a part of my life,
and taking my whole life, is just a matter of degree.”



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There was a time, before the baby-boom generation took over, when we took pride in the achievements of our builders, producers and innovators. There was always great celebration when settler families got a phone, a tractor, a bitumen road or electric power. An oil strike or a gold discovery made headlines, and people welcomed new businesses, new railways and new inventions. Science and engineering were revered and the wealth delivered by these human achievements enabled the builders and their children to live more rewarding lives, with more leisure, more time for culture and crusades, and greater interest in taking more care of their environment.

Then a green snake entered the Garden of Eden.

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Curbing the Global Warming Virus

A virulent virus is being spread at international climate conferences.

Called the GW Virus (short for Manmade Global Warming Virus), the symptoms are a psychotic fear of the word “carbon”, a compulsion to blame man’s industry for every bad weather event, an urge to weave a warm bias into every weather report and forecast, and a morbid fascination with windmills.

The GW virus was first identified in the British Parliament in 1988 and spread quickly to the vulnerable BBC. It is an airborne virus and was soon spread by junketing politicians to NASA and the UN, thence to an Earth Conference in Rio in 1992, and then to Kyoto in 1997. The infection peaked in Copenhagen in 2009, when thousands of politicians, academics, officials and reporters became feverish.

Because of its isolation, Australia had not developed immunity to this virus, and it quickly took root in the ABC, thoroughly infected many politicians especially the governing ALP/Greens coalition, and then spread via government grant meetings to the CSIRO and every University in the land.

In Australia, incurable cases are sent to an isolation ward called the Climate Commission, headed by chronic MGW sufferer, Tim Flannery. Like vultures perched on a dead tree, these dedicated doomsters see droughts and heat waves in every weather event, even when large areas of the country are suffering floods and unseasonal cold.

The only protection against the GW virus is immunisation with a shot of climate history vaccine. This helps “at risk” alarmists to accept that there is nothing new about fires, floods, droughts, cyclones, heat waves, snow storms or variations in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

To curb the further spread of this virulent and destructive virus, infected sufferers must be banned from climate conferences and all infected politicians must be quarantined in their offices.


Cartoon Credit: Steve Hunter

Australia’s $180,000 part-time Climate Commissioner


Australia’s $180,000 part-time Climate Commissioner, Tim Flannery.
Cartoons by Josh

The Flannery Vision of the Brave New World

Australia’s Climate Commissioner believes we must move towards a global ant’s nest, regulated by a global intelligence, and sharing all resources equally. In this world there will be no room for individual choice, individuals will have their specialised roles defined and limited and world population will be massively reduced.

Waiting for the Answers from the Australian Climate Commission

From: Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith
To: Professor Flannery, The Australian Climate Commission

I would like to submit the following questions to the Climate Commission Ipswich Public Forum on April 7th:

As a retired Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO with a doctorate in sedimentary geology and ancient environmental reconstructions that show climate has always varied naturally – I would like to know the following:

(1) Why has Professor Garnaut not honoured his first term of reference of his review – to show human causation in climate change – he has not yet differentiated human from natural, why?

(2) By how much will global temperature change if Australian human carbon dioxide generation were to totally cease and how much would that cost us? – this is designed to show a base line calibration.

(3) Will you publish graphs of annual global temperature reduction delivered from the proposed Australian carbon tax amount by years – for example say for the next 100 years?

Thanks in anticipation of a focused and evidence backed response.

From: DCCEE – ClimateCommision Secretariat []
Sent: Monday, 18 April 2011 10:12 AM
To: Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith
Cc: DCCEE – ClimateCommision Secretariat
Subject: RE: A comment from Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]Dear Guy

Thank you for your email of 2 April to the Climate Commission. The Climate Commission have asked me to respond on their behalf.The Climate Commission was established by the Australian Government to provide all Australians with an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change, the international action being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the economics of a carbon price. The Commission is independent of Ministerial direction and does not comment on policy or provide policy advice.

You have raised a number of questions relating to the science of climate change. The Commission appreciates your desire to understand the science of climate change. Because the Commission receives a large number of queries about climate change science, many of which are variants on a limited number of topics, it has been decided to post responses to its website ( The Commission is developing these responses and your questions will be addressed on the Commission website in the near future.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to the Commission.

Yours sincerely,
John Higgins
Climate Commission

PDF version: [PDF, 52 KB]

The Carbon Tax and the Spending on Propaganda

It seems that a self indulgent government has already spent much of the money it will raise with a tax on carbon dioxide – on promoting its own agenda.

Most recent is the Flannery “Climate Commission” soaking up $5.6 million. Then the Garnaut Review of the Garnaut report. Then the well staffed experts serving the Green/ALP coalition’s “multi party committee on climate change”.

Then all the juicy jaunts to the never ending international conferences in all the world’s best resorts.

As Alan Moran, says using tax payer funds to convince tax payers to part with more funds is the hallmark of the state where nanny knows best.

For Alan Moran’s report on the carbon tax and propaganda see: [PDF, 21 KB]

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Flannery Forecasts Perpetual Drought

“Over the past 50 years southern Australia has lost about 20 per cent of its rainfall, and one cause is almost certainly global warming. Similar losses have been experienced in eastern Australia, and although the science is less certain it is probable that global warming is behind these losses too. But by far the most dangerous trend is the decline in the flow of Australian rivers: it has fallen by around 70 per cent in recent decades, so dams no longer fill even when it does rain. Growing evidence suggests that hotter soils, caused directly by global warming, have increased evaporation and transpiration and that the change is permanent. I believe the first thing Australians need to do is to stop worrying about ‘the drought’ – which is transient – and start talking about the new climate”.

Tim Flannery

New Scientist, 16 June 2007 Print Edition.
Editorial: Australia – not such a lucky country.
Source: CFACT, 29 Jan 2011.

Tim Flannery, the ABC and The New Order

The ABC 7.30 Report on 23.09.10 featured Tim Flannery, introduced by Kerry O’Brien as Scientist, Writer, Explorer.

It was a blatant example of the ABC’s push to establish a carbon tax. But Flannery himself revealed what it is all about – controlling human populations everywhere.

It is about “changing human nature”.

For instance Dim Tim assured the audience that free markets are the most dangerous spin off from Darwinism. He assured us that markets have to regulated. Free markets allowed some people to become very very rich, but this was at the expense of the rest of the population. He is not in favour of abolishing markets, but, he insists they must be intelligently regulated.

On the subject of climate change he assured the audience that “Yes, there will be a cost to suppressing Carbon, but it is absolutely necessary.”

One of Tim’s heroes is James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia hypothesis. Lovelock told the Guardian earlier this year that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet.

Tim’s manner very positively indicates to us that he will be one of the chosen few to organise and run society.

Ronald Kitching
Frenchville Rockhampton, QLD Australia.

Interested people can read the transcript and hear the disturbing and revealing interview at:

Science Not Settled After All

“Well, the thing is we’re dealing with an incomplete understanding of the
way the earth’s system works…”

“When we come to the last few years, where we haven’t seen a continuation
of that warming trend, we don’t understand all of the factors that
create earth’s climate, so there are some things we don’t understand,
that’s what the scientists were emailing each other about, you know, we
just don’t understand the way the whole system works, and we’re trying
to find out.”

“These people work with models, computer modelling, when the computer
modelling and the real world data disagrees you’ve got a very
interesting problem, that’s when science really gets engaged. What Kevin
Trenberth, one of the most respected climate scientists in the world, is
saying is, ‘Guys, we have to get on our horses and find out what we
don’t know about the system, we have to actually understand why the
cooling is occurring, because the current modelling doesn’t reflect it.'”

“…sure for the last few years we have gone through a slight cooling

Tim Flannery, ABC Lateline 23 Nov 2009

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