Tim Flannery, the ABC and The New Order

The ABC 7.30 Report on 23.09.10 featured Tim Flannery, introduced by Kerry O’Brien as Scientist, Writer, Explorer.

It was a blatant example of the ABC’s push to establish a carbon tax. But Flannery himself revealed what it is all about – controlling human populations everywhere.

It is about “changing human nature”.

For instance Dim Tim assured the audience that free markets are the most dangerous spin off from Darwinism. He assured us that markets have to regulated. Free markets allowed some people to become very very rich, but this was at the expense of the rest of the population. He is not in favour of abolishing markets, but, he insists they must be intelligently regulated.

On the subject of climate change he assured the audience that “Yes, there will be a cost to suppressing Carbon, but it is absolutely necessary.”

One of Tim’s heroes is James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia hypothesis. Lovelock told the Guardian earlier this year that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet.

Tim’s manner very positively indicates to us that he will be one of the chosen few to organise and run society.

Ronald Kitching
Frenchville Rockhampton, QLD Australia.

Interested people can read the transcript and hear the disturbing and revealing interview at:


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