Green Jobs Galore – Climate Change Research Spending in Australia

The Australian Government is spending at least $800 million per year on research related to Climate Change. The cash is being sprayed across the country so that no university or research centre is missing out. More than 5,000 researchers are beneficiaries of government climate largess, but still they cannot forecast the weather more than a few days ahead.

Where does the money go? No one appears to know, so Carbon Sense asked Bob Greenelsh to see what he could dig up, and Bob has presented his preliminary findings.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the big winner with government expenditure running at the rate of $400 million a year. After adding funds from the Coal Industry, the total for CCS is probably closer to $800 million a year. Other researchers are getting cash for projects on alternative energy, climate modelling, disaster predicting and research into the impact of climate change on subjects of interest to the researchers. For example, there is an intriguing $760,000 grant for research into the impact of climate change on native orchids.

With so much money being spent by so many, involving so many different organisations and on a vast variety of projects the obvious question is, does anyone really know what is going on? Is the cash being properly spent and will there be a proper reckoning of results and benefits? A second question is, do all the researchers believe that man-made CO2 is causing global warming and that such warming is going to cause other disasters? It is a good bet that their main focus is on getting cash for their project and knowing that there is global warming stimulus package they include “global warming” in the project application.

With those magic words the money will soon be on its way and they can do their stuff and forget about global warming.

See the initial report by Bob Greenelsh: [PDF, 35KB]

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