Climate Change in Perspective

Every time there is a flood, drought or cyclone, some politician or lobbyist immediately cites
it as evidence of “Climate Change” and uses the occasion to promote the Emissions Trading

People need to get a sense of history and a sense of perspective. There is nothing new
about climate change. Climate change and “extreme” weather are permanent features of life
on earth. Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content of the air, as well as winds and
cloudiness, are all liable to rise or fall from hour to hour, day to day, season to season and
from one climate era to the next.

Global climate is not a still life, it is a moving picture. Weather and climate (average weather
over 30 years) are always changing, but mankind has little to do with it and can do nothing to
change it. Life has always been threatened by natural disasters such as cyclones, droughts,
floods, blizzards, hail storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Sensible people accept
that and try to be prepared for what seems most likely to occur. Right now, global cooling
seems more likely to occur than global warming, but we should be prepared for either.

Read the full document here [PDF, 670KB].

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