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At last the tide seems to be turning. Businesses and consumers are coming to realize that the whole Emissions Industry is designed to deliver money and power to the government. There is nothing in it for taxpayers, consumers or the climate. Even some in the media are becoming sceptics.

For a year now, almost no media was interested in our story. But recently we have had TV, radio and newspaper reporters seeking comment from the Carbon Sense Coalition, and often the interviewers were friendly or at least open minded.

A few other developments.

1. John Coleman, the weatherman who started “The Weather Channel,” has become one of the most prolific opponents to the theory of man-made global warming. Here he reports how the whole thing started…

2. Here is a petition you should sign. Go to:
Dr Dennis Jensen MP will be presenting the petition to the House of Representatives.

3. And Australia has its Climate Sceptics Party. See:

4. Professor Ian Plimer has a new book: “Heaven and Earth”:

5. Another Australian, David Archibald has released a very informative book on the solar links to world climate changes: “Solar Cycle 24”. See:

6. Last but not least, The Lavoisier Society has released Thank God for Carbon, the latest booklet by Ray Evans. See: You may order copies of the book by e-mail from the Society Please include your name and postal address and the number of copies you would like to receive. The Lavoisier Group would be grateful to receive donations to cover postage and printing costs.

This is a critical year in the battle for Carbon Sense. All over the world the Warmists are becoming desperate as skepticism grows and voters are diverted to real problems like jobs and financial security.

Any help you can give us in this battle of our times is appreciated.

Viv Forbes

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