Carbon Sense Newsletter Feb 2010

1. Fuelling Future Famines

This generation of pampered westerners is the first tribe in the history of the world that seems determined to destroy its ability to produce food.

The history of the human race has always been a battle for protein in the face of the continual challenge of natural climate change. Nothing has changed for this generation, except the wildfire spread of a destructive new religion that requires the sacrifice of food producers on a global warming altar.

Food creation needs solar energy, land, carbon dioxide and water. All four food resources are under threat…

The article as PDF: [PDF, 78 KB]

2. The Monckton-Plimer Tour of Australia

3. There are Two Dead Elephants in Parliament

To find out more about this spectacular event see:

4. The People’s Network beats the Media Monoliths and the Government Propaganda Machine

The climate consensus promoted by Big Business, Big Government, Big Media and Big Academia has come unstuck. The shoddy work and partisan promotion by IPCC and its cronies has been exposed, the romantic idea of powering the world with sunbeams and sea breezes has collided with engineering reality, and the public has caught a whiff of the true meaning of green politics – taxes, ration cards and big brother controlling every aspect of our lives…

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