Hail to Electricity

There was a moving scene at the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, where after the servants of the Dark Lord had murdered the great wizard Dumbledore, they triumphantly conjured the Dark Mark in the sky. The teachers and students of Hogwarts stood together and raised their lit wands.

For most of our existence, Homo sapiens have lived short and miserable lives in the dark, until great geniuses like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla cast light spells to banish the darkness. Electricity is mankind’s most magical achievement – our light bringer, liberator and saviour. When Earth Hour came and the followers of the Dark Lord turned out their lights to celebrate the destruction of western civilisation, I turned mine on – to honour Franklin, Edison, Tesla and other real-life Dumbledores who created life as we know it today. Next Earth Hour, I urge all good people to think about what their lives would be like without the magic of electricity, and raise their wands to the sky.

Dub Zivkovic

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