Carbon Dioxide Feeds the World – it is not a Pollutant

Here is a time lapse video showing the effect of increased carbon dioxide on plant growth.

The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 386 ppm. In this experiment, one plant-growing chamber had 450 ppm carbon dioxide, the level at which we are told will cause the world to tip into runaway global warming. The other chamber had carbon dioxide at 1270 ppm, a level most nurseries would prefer to have, and the level at which much life on earth evolved it.

See for yourself the dramatic increase in plant growth we could expect from a carbon-rich atmosphere. The well fed plant weighed 44% more than the starved one, with greater height, more leaves and far more roots. This plant not only grew faster and better, its better root system would make it more drought and heat tolerant.

Yet Penny Wong and the alarmists want us to believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant, and more of it would be a disaster!

Why are CSIRO and our many Departments of Agriculture so silent on this fundamental issue?

Are they all cowed, or are their well paid jobs more important than revealing the truth?

Watch the video for yourself and decide:


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