Creating Carbon Cemeteries – The Stupidities of Carbon Geo-sequestration.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused coal companies, power companies and governments of gross negligence for wasting resources from shareholders, electricity consumers and taxpayers on quixotic dreams to capture and bury carbon dioxide from power stations.

The Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Mr Viv Forbes, said that there were five main objections to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)… continue to read the full document [PDF, 30 KB].

Carbon Cemeteries are a Dead Loss for Everyone

The Carbon Sense Coalition (“Carbon Sense”) has looked in detail at the costs and benefits of
carbon geo-sequestration as a guide to what should be in any legislation establishing property
rights in carbon burial grounds.

In summary our findings are:

· The basis for legislation requiring the burial of carbon dioxide (CO2) rests wholly on
one proposition – that increasing emissions of CO2 from man’s activities will cause
dangerous global warming. This proposition is false.

Full document here. [PDF, 37 KB]

Geosequestration Technology – dissenting report

On Monday 13 August 2007, the House Standing Committee on Science and
Innovation tabled its report on the inquiry into Geosequestration Technology
entitled Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Dr Dennis Jensen MP, Hon Jackie Kelly MP, Hon Danna Vale MP, Mr David
Tollner MP have written a dissenting report:

“We do not believe the evidence unequivocally supports the hypothesis of
anthropogenic global warming (AGW)
“1.1 We dissent from some of the statements made in the report “Between a
Rock and a Hard Place” by the Standing Committee on Science and Innovation
on its investigation into the Geosequestration of Carbon Dioxide.
“1.2 We disagree with the report’s unequivocal support for the hypothesis
that global warming is caused by man-so-called anthropogenic global warming

Dissenting report is available here: [PDF 211KB]

Source: Inquiry into Geosequestration Technology Web page:

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