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Bad Stuff Happens

The first climate scare was man-made “global warming”.

But the warming refused to appear as fast as the models predicted, so it became “climate change”.

But people were not stupid and soon were saying “but climate always changes”.

So now the climate scare industry is focussing on “extreme weather events”, and naturally they still claim these are caused by man-made carbon dioxide.

Timed beautifully for the meeting of the climatists in Durban, the UN IPCC has outdone themselves in forecasting extreme weather events – “weather on steroids”. Determined to scare up a consensus in Durban, this weather scare is sprinkled with warnings of “diluvian rains”, and droughts, cyclones, heat-waves of such magnitude or frequency that “settlement in some areas could be wiped out” and “some areas will become increasingly marginal as places to live” and “it is possible that many residents will have to relocate.”

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Maybe they should be reminded that extreme weather events have been occurring as far back as earth history has been recorded. Here is a listing of “extreme events” over 1900 years, prepared by James Marusek:

Check them out here:

Here is another list of droughts, fires, floods and disappearing or growing ice. It starts with a record of sea floods that drowned 100,000 people in Holland in 1481.


Maybe “extreme weather events” are “normal” here on earth and man has very little to do with most of them. Someone needs to tell the pampered pontificators of the IPCC: “Bad Stuff Happens – get used to it, make appropriate preparations – you are not going to stop it.”


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Carbon Tax – the Turd in the Swimming Pool


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Alarming New Global Warming

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that a sudden bout of natural global warming was dwarfing all the scare forecasts of man-made warming.

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that this recent warming was swift and dramatic but no one in the climate change department has even noticed this looming warming crisis.

“Since July, temperatures in Australia have soared by over six degrees centigrade. If current trends continue, we can expect another three degrees of warming by Christmas.

“This rapid warming has caused massive environmental disruption – alpine snow has melted, birds are migrating, there is an epidemic of weeds and we can expect more storms, cyclones, floods, mosquitoes and solar radiation burns.

“This is far more serious than the UN’s forecast of a piddling 1-2 degrees of warming over the next hundred years or so.

“What caused this dangerous new global warming?

“The old people called it ‘summer’ and they knew it was caused by the sun.

“Summer heat is generated by a slight increase in the solar radiation received at the surface, caused by cyclic changes in the positions of the sun in the sky. It is obvious that longer term solar cycles also dominate the climate. Even The Farmer’s Almanac knew that cycles in moon, planets and sunspots could be used to forecast the weather.

“However, since people started to let computers do their thinking, knowledge of climate cycles has been lost. We now let computer nerds and taxaholics tell us that the climate is controlled by minute traces of a harmless invisible natural gas exhaled with every breath, generated in every bushfire and exhausted wherever coal, oil and gas are burned. Some even believe that a tax on carbon dioxide will cool the world.

“It’s time we abandoned climate Cassandras with costly computers. There was more sense in The Farmer’s Almanac.

“And a tax on sunlight to reduce global warming makes as much sense as the Carbon Tax.”

Reaping Green Dividends

The carbon policies of the Australian government will destroy regional industry.

Most regional industry relies on adding value to the products of primary industries – smelters, refineries, processing plants, cement plants, sawmills, flour mills, abattoirs and rail and port infrastructure. These facilities require cheap reliable electricity, which will never be supplied by green energy toys.

Recently Xstrata announced plans to cease smelting and refining copper in Queensland. Then Blue Scope Steel decided to reduce production and shed workers. Now Rio has signalled the sale of its aluminium processing empire. Next we can expect that a large coal fired electricity generator will be unable to repay its debts. Cement plants will be squeezed and rail and port costs will increase.

All of these projects are denigrated in their own country because they have one thing in common – they rely heavily on carbon fuels such as coal and gas and thus are all threatened by the toxic carbon tax. None of these activities will cease because of our carbon tax. They will either pay foreign spivs for “carbon credits” or the business will transfer to other countries who will welcome our trashed industries.

Not one of these operations will survive if forced to use costly and unreliable wind or solar power.

The 74 green lemmings in Parliament have given us “certainty” – the certainty of capital flight and job losses.

Are we prepared for the new green future where jobless Australians survive from backyard vegie gardens, poaching kangaroos and wild pigs from carbon credit forests and cooking with biomass on a wood stove? Of course we will enjoy pirate movies downloaded at the speed of light using the NBN (as long as the sun is shining or the wind blows).


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See [PDF, 213 KB]

Invisible CO2


The One Sided Debate on Global Warming

By Jo Nova.

GOVERNMENTS across the world have paid billions to find links between carbon dioxide and the climate, but very little to find the opposite. Teams of professionals have searched high and low for any possible hint that CO2 poses a threat, but no one has been paid to find otherwise. CO2 has been convicted without a defence lawyer. It is self-evident that any expert in a field will reap more rewards, fame and fortune if their field is critically important. Why would anyone expect such experts to go out of their way to hunt down evidence that might suggest their field ought not be the centre of a global economic transformation?

In law, if there is no defence, it’s a sham. In business, if there is no competition, it’s a monopoly. In science, if there is no debate, it’s propaganda…

Between 1989 and 2009, the US government paid over $30 billion towards “climate change”.

We’ve paid to find a crisis, and what-do-you-know, we “found” one. (Yes. It’s true, we got what we paid for.) Hundreds of scientists have been doing their jobs, most diligently, turning over every stone labelled “CO2”. But no one has been paid to turn over the other stones. When politicians and journalists say they can’t find a credible voice of dissent, it’s only because they define “credible” as someone holding a government-funded position — and by definition, there are no government-funded sceptics.

As with all unbalanced systems, people are rushing to fill the vacuum. The volunteers are coming. Never before in science have so many unpaid people used their expertise to become whistleblowers.

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Carbon Tax Bill


The Accelerating Danger of Global Warming


Consumer Confidence Drops After PM Announces Carbon Tax Details


In mid July Consumer Confidence was 108.0pts (down 2.5pts in a week) according to the Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating conducted on the weekend after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced details of the Carbon Tax – July 16/17, 2011. Consumer Confidence is now 15pts lower than a year ago, July 17/18, 2010 (123.0).

Here is what the public is thinking:


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