Carbon Tax Mark 3

Australia’s Minister for Controlling the Climate, King Combet, has promised that millions of households will be better off under Carbon Tax Mark 3.

Who is he trying to fool?

There is only one tax on the people and that is total government spending. The carbon tax will increase that greatly. And the more complex the system, with more exemptions, more rebates, more electoral bribes and more cash handouts, the more will be wasted on government administration. We will pay more and get less value back.

Every tax levied by the government gets spread around until it rests with the people at the bottom of the pile. Consumers will see increased costs for electricity food and transport, retirees will see lower dividends, job seekers will see contraction of real jobs, other tax receipts will fall thus reducing government income, and too many of us will spend more time trying to join the ranks of the tax avoiders and rorters.

Can we believe that the same incompetents who delivered pink batts, cash-for-clunkers, schools renewals, a computer for every child and the Queensland Health Payroll will suddenly be able to handle the complexities and con-men in yet another money-churning vote-buying scheme?

None of this will have any effect whatsoever on climate, so why crucify ourselves further?

The world is moving on from the global warming scam.

It’s Time for Australia to move on.

Australian Tour by Lord Christopher Monckton

A well organised group who support the Global Warming Swindle and the Carbon Tax Grab have put pressure on the venues that agreed to host the Monckton Functions. Surprisingly the Broncos League Club in Brisbane has reneged on an agreed function. Already our supporters have let the Broncos know what they think of this breach of contract. Keep it up. But the function will go ahead at:

Bardon Conference Centre
390 Simpsons Rd
Bardon QLD 4065
Phone: +61 7 3217 5333
Wednesday 13th July 2011. Doors open 6pm for 7pm start. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS FUNCTION.

There is parking at the venue for about 200 cars. Best public transport would be via taxi.

For Monckton tickets and bookings:

To view all dates and times for Lord Monckton’s Tour please go here:

More, including:

  • Which Carbon Tax? None of the Above

in the PDF: [PDF, 44 KB]

The New Dark (Green) Age

Last week while driving, I happened to hear part of the farewell speech of Senator Nick Minchin. We will sorely miss people like this stalwart senator. It struck me that this one sad event was like the bell tolling for the new Dark Age to come. In the next few weeks, unless a miracle occurs, and for the first time ever, dark greens and their fellow travellers will gain control of the both houses of parliament in Australia.

No doubt we have won the battle for the minds of the Australian people – every poll shows a strong majority is opposed to the tax on carbon dioxide. And there is growing scepticism for the claim that man causes climate change. But the green elite, who have never won majority support in their own right, are determined to pursue their destructive goals.

Their long-term agenda is to destroy human industry and reduce human population. Thus they are opposed to farming, mining, fishing, forestry, exploration and cheap power.

Their preferred strategy is to divide and conquer. Their tactics are to grab any real concern and magnify and divert it into another reason to destroy or hobble the industries they hate – cattle, sheep, mining, oil and gas, uranium, farming, forestry, fishing and land developers. Their greatest success is achieved when they harness and inflame one industry and use it to ram another – use farmers to destroy the gas industry, use animal lovers and meat workers to destroy live exports, use small business to attack big business, make all industries compete against one another for a dwindling supply of emission permits, get farmers to fight food retailers, cry crocodile tears about the loss of fertile land, and then lock up grazing land in trees, heritage areas and other sterilised ground. And all the time they use their domination of the government media and education empires to spread their half-truths.

More, including:

  • BRICS or PIGS?
  • Australian Tour by Christopher Monckton
  • What is really going on with the climate?
  • U.S. Supreme Court kicks out global warming
  • The Galileo Movement
  • Camel Cull Creates Consternation

in the PDF here: [PDF, 73 KB]

Sixth International Conference on Climate Change, Washington, DC

Heartland Institute is sponsoring the Sixth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-6) to take place in Washington, DC from breakfast Thursday, June 30, to noon Friday, July 1, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. This event will be more modest than in the past, yet as informative and, perhaps, even more challenging to the orthodoxy. The principal speakers are S. Fred Singer, Craig Idso, and Bob Carter – all major contributors to the NIPCC reports. Of course, SEPP is a co-sponsor. See:

Anti Carbon Tax Videos

Barnaby vs Oakeshott


Anti Carbon Tax Rally at Port Macquarie Sunday 15th May

An anti-carbon tax rally will be held on Sunday 15th May, 1pm, at Town Green, Horton Street Port Macquarie.

More here: [PDF, 852 KB]

Queensland No Carbon Tax Rally

The No Carbon Tax Coalition is organising another Rally in Brisbane, on Saturday 7th May 11.30pm to 1.30pm outside The Queensland Parliament House, Brisbane.

Watch the video:

Spread the information around.

Climate Fools Day Today

Today, 27th October 2010, is Climate Fools Day.

For the last 20 years politicians, jet-setting bureaucrats and vested interests have been plotting how to make Climate Fools of the western world, taxing industry and consumers to fund green schemes, carbon speculators and international wealth redistribution.

The fightback by sceptical scientists and public was greatly boosted on the first Climate Fools Day when, in October 2008, British politicians passed with little dissent “The Climate Change Bill” a piece of legislation that future generations will come to accept was “the most absurd Bill that this Parliament has ever had to examine”.

Since then, sceptics all over the world have exposed the lack of evidence, the manipulation of data, the misuse of scientific process, the corruption of vested interests and the powerful influence of natural factors in climate cycles.

Despite the now discredited projections of dangerous global warming, the globe itself has continued its normal weather defining cycles such as El Nino, La Nina, the Pacific Oscillations, the powerful solar cycles and the massive ebb and flow of oceans and atmosphere. On a longer time scale there is no evidence that the globe’s long history of recurrent ice ages and violent episodes of volcanic and earthquake activity have suddenly ceased.

Unfortunately, a whole generation of Climate Fools will have to be rooted out of our parliaments before Climate Sense reigns again. We will then see the massive flood of community resources currently being wasted on windmills, solar toys, alarmist junkets, silly subsidies and climate bureaucracy more sensibly directed towards preparation for coping with the real natural cycles of heat and cold, floods and droughts, cyclones and earthquakes, vulcanism and ice ages. We will then regret the destruction of industry and wastage of real energy opportunities now taking place.

Climate Fools Day will be celebrated today by organised meetings of sceptics in Westminster and Brisbane.

Brisbane: King George Square 12 noon. More info contact Tim Wells:

PS for more information on Climate Fools Day see:

And on the activities in Westminster:

Cabal of climate sceptics to descend on UK parliament:

Climate Fools Day (House of Commons, UK)

Climate Sense
Copenhagen Climate Challenge
with Weather Action
and The Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism
invite you to
Climate fools’ day(in memory of the passing of the Climate Bill on 29.10.08)
organised through Sammy Wilson MP and supported by Graham Stringer MP.
Wednesday 27th October from 2pm to 4pm
House of Commons: Committee Room 16
Introduced by Jens Robdrup from Denmark, the founder of Climate Sense.There will be short presentations from:
Christopher Booker: “The most expensive Bill in History”
Piers Corbyn: “Successfully predicting extreme weather events”
Revd Philip Foster: “Climate reality: the long view”
followed by open discussion of the issues and where to take things on from here.We are delighted to welcome, Christopher Chope, David Davies and John Redwood. Also Peter Gill, physicist, Dr Ian Strangeways – expert in metorological thermometry, Hans Schreuder of mensa
More details: [PDF, 59KB]

AEF 2010 Annual Conference: “Can Policy Change Save the Environment?”

Australian Environment Foundation
16th & 17th October 2010
Rydges South Bank Hotel, Brisbane

  • Opening Address by Senator Cory Bernardi
  • The role of wind power in saving the planet – Peter Mitchell AM
  • Coal seam gas extraction and the environment – Ian Hayllor Chairman, Basin Sustainability Alliance
  • Native vegetation laws in Qld – environmental protection in the national interest or abuse of power for political gain? – Ashley McKay
  • Cause and Effect of Native Vegetation law in NSW – Dr John Williams, NSW Natural Resources Commissioner
  • Save the Murray: Remove the barrages – Dr Jennifer Marohasy
  • The folly of climate modelling – Professor Peter Ridd

More information, and registration forms:

Watts Up with the Climate? Australian Tour

Anthony Watts, David Archibald and David Stockwell are touring Australia 12 June – 1 July 2010. Bob Carter will be speak at some venues.


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