William Happer Testimony to U.S. Senate

Will Happer Testimony on Climate Change, and a message for the Carbon Sense Coalition.

“Many of my fellow Americans and I have been following the debate in Australia and New Zealand over what to do about climate change. It has been a pleasure to read the clear-thinking discussions of this issue by the Carbon Sense Coalition. I fervently hope that good sense will win the day down under. You are not alone, and a growing number of Americans support you and are willing to stand up and be counted as opposing the attempts to demonize carbon dioxide.

“As in your countries, those who would condemn most of the world’s population to a bleak, impoverished future, are motivated by reasons ranging from sincere but mistaken belief in the rightness of their cause, to completely cynical goals of profit and increased tax revenue. I am persuaded that the best defence against this threat is an educated populace, and there is no better engine for education than the Carbon Sense Coalition.

“Attached below is testimony I gave earlier this year to the United States Senate, where I attempted to educate at least a few of our fellow Americans.”

Professor Will Happer
Princeton, NJ USA

http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/happer-testimony.pdf [PDF, 61 KB]

Global Temperature vs CO2


Climate Sceptics news – 11/09/09

The political climate continues to hot up, with more double dissolution triggers possible as the senate continues to reject government legislation. One would expect a double dissolution is going to be an option for Kevin Rudd to call from February next year.

I have included a PowerPoint® slide show (http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/ashby-presentation.pps, 2.6MB) for you to pass around to your email contacts or to use at any community group meetings you get a chance to put something on.

Please send it to whoever you like.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics
PO, Box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290
Ph 0887259561 or 0887235550

Solar Power Realities – Addendum

By Peter Lang

This paper compares the capital cost of three electricity generation technologies based on a simple analysis. The comparison is on the basis that the technologies can supply the National Electricity Market (NEM) demand without fossil fuel back up…

The three technologies compared are:

1. Nuclear power;
2. Solar photo-voltaic with energy storage; and
3. Solar thermal with energy storage.

Full article here. [PDF, 52KB]

Here is the original article: Solar Power Realities

Solar Power Realities

Supply-Demand Characteristics, Storage and Capital Costs
By Peter Lang

This paper provides a simple analysis of the capital cost of solar power and energy storage sufficient to meet the demand of Australia’s National Electricity Market. It also considers some of the environmental effects. It puts the figures in perspective…

Conclusions: solar power is uneconomic. Government mandates and subsidies hide the true cost of renewable energy but these additional costs must be carried by others.

The http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/solar-realities.pdf [PDF, 738KB]

Addendum – Comparison of Capital Cost of Nuclear and Solar Power: http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/solar-realities-addendum.pdf [PDF, 52KB]

Vote NO on Cap and Trade Carbon Tax

Dr. Heinz Lycklama (PhD in Nuclear Physics, McMaster University)

Earlier this year I started to look into the issue of Global Warming (GW) and attempted to understand why the issue had become such a controversial one. The general public has become attuned to the issue of GW and I (as an independent scientist) wanted to do my part in educating the public on the underlying science so that good public policy would be established. I assumed that science should be able to show the extent of GW and determine whether GW is due to man-made causes or to natural causes. Once we get the science right we would then know how to deal with GW. It turns out that things are a lot more complicated and unsettled than I thought they were. So I dug into the science behind GW much more thoroughly.

Read the complete document. [PDF, 139KB]

Proof that CO2 is not the cause of the current global warming

Ian C McClintock

There is understandably, considerable uncertainty amongst the majority of the general public about the veracity of the claims made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that anthropogenic (man induced) emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses, are the cause of the present warming period being experienced by planet Earth. There is no empirical evidence available to demonstrate or prove this relationship, despite the expenditure of some $50 billion directed to this end.

More in the full article. [PDF, 259KB]

An Irrational Fear of Carbon

Robert D. Brinsmead
August 2008

We appear to have entered a new age of unreason… It is from this, above all, that we really need to save the planet. Nigel Lawson

It is widely believed that the carbon emissions of our modern industrial civilization will cause catastrophic global warming. It is called anthropogenic [man-made] global warming (AGW). Media headlines and political chatter have become obsessed with carbon. There is endless talk of carbon emissions, carbon pollution, carbon footprint, carbon offsets, carbon rationing, carbon tax and carbon trading.

We need a new word to encompass all this alarmism about carbon. The word that readily suggests itself is carbophobia. It means “an irrational fear of carbon.”

Read the full document. [PDF, 163 KB]

Carbon Capture and Burial – a Stupid Answer to a Silly Question

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Australian Federal Parliament to stop playing Global Warming politics and focus instead on the irresponsible damage being contemplated by the Cap-N-Tax promises.

In testimony this week to the New Zealand Parliamentary Enquiry into the ETS, the Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that it was impossible to achieve the gigantic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions suggested by various western governments without a crash program of Carbon Capture and Burial (CCB). He expanded on those comments today:

“There is no evidence that CCB would provide any climate or environmental benefits whatsoever – just a huge misuse of investment capital and a massive increase in the cost of living for any society silly enough to tread this path.”

Read the full document here. [PDF, 28KB]

2009 International Conference on Climate Change

Hearland 2009

The proceedings of the second International Conference on Climate Change in New York will become available here: http://www.heartland.org/events/NewYork09/proceedings.html.

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus’ speech is on-line here:

A PDF version is here. [101 KB].

Several people have reports on the event:

Maggie Thauerskold: http://www.theclimatescam.com

Bob Carter: http://www.quadrant.org.au/blogs/doomed-planet/2009/03/bob-carter-at-heartland-2

Jennifer Marohasy: http://jennifermarohasy.com/blog/

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