Open Letter to All Australian Politicians

4 June 2017

Re: Withdrawal from the 2015 UN Climate Change Agreement.

I write to you as an LNP Member. The announcement that President Trump will withdraw from the 2015 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is wonderful news because it shows that in the face of huge vested interests he has had the courage to challenge the hoax that the minute traces of human produced carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are causing disastrous Climate Change.

Australia should also withdraw.

The objectives of the UN’s Climate Change Policies have never been about Climate.

  • Destroy Industrialisation. The first objective was to destroy the world’s industrialisation as advocated by Maurice Strong, Chairman of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The Greens are well on the way to achieving this in South Australia and Victoria.
  • Follow the Money Trail. The second objective was a means for a Global Transfer of Wealth. Ottman Edenhofer, a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in 2010, “But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy … One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.” Under the terms of the Climate Change Policy, the UN is seeking US$100 billion per year from Developed Countries for a Green Climate Fund to “help developing countries fight climate change”. In 2015, there were some 136 Developing Countries listed and only 51 Developed Countries so the affirmative vote for the UN’s Climate Policy was a foregone conclusion.

Many advocates of the Climate Policies have been wilfully opportunistic and avaricious, but many have believed in it because they have not understood the essential and benign role of CO2 in Nature.

President Trump, a major figure on the world political stage, has now had the courage to call the bluff of the Leftist Green Warmists who claim that CO2 is harmful.

I would suggest that you join with other Conservative Politicians to strongly urge the Prime Minister to cancel all Renewable Energy Targets and Subsidies.

If our Government fails to do this, we will not only be politically out of step with the USA, we will be condemned to a future of expensive and unreliable electricity, higher costs of living, diminished living standards and an exodus of industries to countries with cheaper power.


Robert J Brock


UN Climate Exit Poster

The “Colderside” Web site has produced a one page poster for distribution. See:

Aptoide – Designers guide to creating screenshots for the App Store

Aptoide: We just wrapped up our application Tiny 2 and wanted to discuss our methods for preparing screenshots and preview videos for your app-store. Develop we are able to save you a few hours of work with some cool workflow ideas.

Aptoide – Designers guide to creating screenshots for the App Store

Capture key screenshots from your application for Aptoide

You’re able to display up to 5 screenshots from your application, Apple recommends showing 5, but you can get away with only 3. If you want some motivation then I’ve collected several screenshot examples here. Luke Daniels tricks central

The best way we found to get screenshots is by connecting your phone to your unit through USB and using Quicktime (as trained in my experience by our badass engineer Caleb). Capturing screenshots in this manner gives you a frequent status bar using a whole battery image as well as the secret moment of 9:41 AM.

Quickstep-by-step to saving screenshots and video with QuickTime

Plug in your iPhone into your MacBook via Hardware and release your app “>> Start Quicktime
Choose File “>> New Movie Recording

Click the little dropdown arrow and select your phone
You must now see your software being shown on your desktop
Get your phone, and develop preview images by taking screenshots together with your phone only. Once you take screenshots together with your phone this way you’ll obtain a common status bar over the top without carrier named, regular 9:41 AM time along with a full battery.

Take as numerous screenshots while you want. You’re going to need them when we produce our iTunes mocks.
Tip: use IPhone-6 or 6+ to have the best quality image you can.

File an application preview video on Aptoide

Tap report then steers your application in your phone to create your movie. Quicktime will record everything your phone does. Hit end whenever your finished and save out a file.

Feel free to include a little music, but make sure that your video shows just your software, you are able to read upon what Apple recommends inside their app survey guide.

We asked our close friend and Google Projects filmmaker Grahm Hancock to add some music. If you watch carefully it seems like individuals are moving to the beat. We are early days on understanding the benefits of app preview videos, however, they seem like a good way to speak the design and feel of an application.

Creating app screenshots for Aptoide: Making applications for iOS have gotten a bit more complicated with all the launch of iPhone 6 and 6+ which difficulty provides to the app store. The app-store takes a set of mocks for the following dimensions: 4.7-Inch, 5.5-Inch, 4-Inch, 3.5-Inch and optionally iPad.

Lucky for you a great heart named Brenden Mulligan decided to automate this technique with a Sketch template he calls “Sketch to App Store”. If you use Drawing application to design your iOS programs you then come in to get a real treat. If you should be still using Illustrator/Photoshop/Gimp then you can certainly still use Brenden’s format, you might only have somewhat learning curve with Draw.

Kingroot Apk for Android – Root Your Smartphone Easily

KingRoot is a rooting application designed for android smartphones and tablets. It is one of the best rooting applications for smartphones.  It offers easy rooting feature to its users.  The time taken for rooting is also quite less compared to other rooting apps.  The Kingroot apk has easily understandable interface.  The apk supports Android versions from 4.2.2 and upper.  This is compatible with both android and PC platforms.  The official version for iOS platform is yet to be released by the developers.  Using Kingroot apk, users can easily root their devices in a single click.

Kingroot Apk for Android – Root Your Smartphone Easily

Users can not just root their devices using Kingroot apk, but also can unroot their devices.  It is quite easy process to unroot as well.  It is advised to the users who wish to download Kingroot to their devices to check if their devices are compatible with the apk.  It supports almost all the devices, but it is always advised to go for a compatibility check before rooting your device.  It is also advised to only download the latest version of the apk as it comes with more number of features and less number of bugs.  Kingroot apk does not support on Moto G device, but it does support Nexus.

Features of Kingroot apk

  • Kingroot has great support for wide varieties of devices in the market. As per a report, it is heard that Kingroot apk supports about 104136 models.
  • Usually, rooting itself is associated with risk, but in case of Kingroot, it is quite less and we can say that it is almost invisible.
  • Kingroot apk will improve the performance of device by rooting it with Kingroot.
  • With the help of Kingroot apk, user can gain access to the apps that have Superuser rights to install.

How to download and install Kingroot apk?

Decision to root once device is not that easy.  It is quite a tough decision to make as you may be putting your device at stake if you are not sure of how the rooting tool works, but that is not the case with Kingroot apk.  Rooting the device may sometimes result in damage of the device, but in order to play few games and apps run on your device, rooting is mandatory.  Kingroot could be the best option you can go with as it has less chances of damage.  Kingroot is not available in the Google Play Store for download.  In order to get it user need to go to its official page and download it from there.  It is very easy to download and install Kingroot apk into your device.  We are here to share with you the simple steps on how to download and install Kingroot apk.  Take a look on rooting alternatives Check Out: iroot

  • Download the latest version of Kingroot apk into your android device from online.
  • Go to downloads and click on the apk to start installation.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to start the installation.
  • The installation will take some time depending on the speed of your net.
  • The apk gets installed and you are ready to root your device now.

Keep a Diesel in the Shed

A Diesel in the Shed.

You can have your solar panels
and your turbines on the hills;
You can use the warmth of sunshine
to reduce your heating bills.

You can dream you’re self-sufficient
as you weed your vegie bed;
As long as you make sure to keep
A diesel in the shed.

When I was a kid on a dairy farm in Queensland, we relied on green energy – horses and human muscles provided motive power; fire-wood and beeswax candles supplied heat and light; windmills pumped water and the sun provided solar energy for growing crops, vegies and pastures. There were no refrigerators – things were kept cool by evaporation of water in a Coolgardi safe. Cold water for drinks came from a water bag hanging in the shade near the back steps. We had no hot water systems – we bathed one after another in warm water heated in a kettle on the wood stove. The only “non-green” energy used was a bit of kerosene for the kitchen lamp, and petrol for a small Ford utility. We were almost “sustainable” but there was little surplus for others. Labour was cheap and food was expensive.

Our life changed dramatically when we put a thumping diesel in the dairy shed. This single-cylinder engine drove the milking machines and an electricity generator which charged 16 lead-acid 2 volt batteries sitting on the veranda. This 32 volt DC system powered a modern marvel – bright light, at any time, in every room, at the touch of a switch. This system could also power Mum’s new electric clothes iron as long as someone started the engine for a bit more power.

There were no electric self-starters for diesels in those days – just a heavy crank handle. Here is the exact model which saved us from a life of dairy drudgery, kerosene lights and Mother Potts irons:

See and listen:

But all that effort, noise and fumes were superseded when every house and dairy got connected to clean silent “coal power by wire”, and coal was used to produce coke for the new slow-combustion stoves. Suddenly the trusty “Southern Cross” diesel engines disappeared from Australian sheds and dairies, AGA coke-burning cookers displaced the old smoky wood-burning stoves in the kitchen, and clean-burning coal gas replaced wood stoves and dirty open fires in the cities.

Why Wind Power does not Greatly Reduce Consumption of Hydrocarbon Energy

The problem with wind power is that electric utilities have to be prepared at any time for their power production to just stop on short notice. So they must keep fossil fuel plants on hot standby, meaning they are basically burning fuel but not producing any power. Storage technologies and the use of relatively fast-start plants like gas turbines mitigates this problem a bit but does not come close to eliminating it. This is why wind power simply as a source contributing to the grid makes very little sense.

Read More:

Battery Baloney

Playing Snakes and Ladders with Australia’s Electricity Supply.
By Viv Forbes & Helpers

Every day some green energy promoter or a battery salesman tells us how green energy with battery backup will supply Australia’s future electricity needs.

A battery stores energy. Energy can be stored using lead-acid, nickel/cadmium, lithium, molten salt, pumped hydro, hydrogen, flywheels, compressed air or some other smart gizmo. But NOT ONE battery produces new energy – they simply store and discharge energy produced by other means. They all deliver less energy than they consume. Moreover, to manufacture, charge, use and dispose of batteries consumes energy and resources.

The idea of producing reliable grid power from intermittent green energy backed up by batteries looks possible in green doodle-diagrams, but would be absurdly inefficient and expensive.

Solar works a Six hour day

Consider a solar panel which is rated to collect say 100 units of energy per day at full capacity, in full mid-day sunlight, with a clean panel, properly aligned to face the sun.

No solar energy arrives overnight and only minimal amounts arrive during the three hours after dawn or before dusk. That means that significant solar energy can only be collected for about 6 hours per day, providing it is not cloudy, raining or snowing. No amount of research or regulation will change this – the solar energy union only works a six-hour day and takes quite a few sickies. So instead of feeding 100 units of energy per day into the grid, at best, the panel supplies just 25 units.

Can the addition of batteries give us 24/7 power from solar?

To deliver 100 units of energy in 24 hours will require an extra 75 units of energy to be collected, stored and delivered by the batteries every sunny day. This will require another three solar units devoted solely to re-charging batteries in just 6 sunny hours.

Cloudy/wet days are what really expose the problems of solar plus batteries. (This is why isolated green power systems must have a diesel generator in the shed.)

To insure against, say, 7 days of cloudy weather would require a solar/battery system capable of collecting and storing 700 units of energy while still delivering 100 units to consumers every day. However if several consecutive weeks of sunny weather then occur, this bloated system is capable of delivering 7 times more power than needed, causing power prices to plunge, driving reliable generators out of business and wasting the life of solar panels producing unwanted electricity.

Solar energy obviously does best in sunny equatorial deserts, but that is not where most people live. And the huge Desertec Solar Power Dream for the northern Sahara has failed.

The report card on wind energy is different, but equally depressing.

When Australia had reliable, predictable coal-gas-hydro power in every state, the need for heavy interstate transmission was minimal. But green power will require robust and costly interstate transmission facilities to send large amounts of power at short notice from sunny coal-rich Queensland to cloudy Victoria, windless South Australia or droughted Tasmania.

Read the full report: [PDF, 157 KB]

How to Use VivaVideo for PC/Laptop on Windows

If you need a video editing app or software, there are many options to choose from. You can easily find the best video editing software on the web, these days because there is a wide range of video editing apps available for android, computers or laptop devices. Here is one app that is very famous, known as Viva Video. It is actually not meant for Windows computer, but there are some third party applications that can help you to use this app on these devices. One of the most popular third party applications is the Bluestacks.

After downloading the third party app on your window based device, you can get viva video for pc in an easy manner. It is an app, which allows you to edit your videos as you want. It is also considered as video camera editing tools. These days, a number of people are using this app and happy with the effects. It has gained a higher rank in the Google Play Store. You can also use it on the iOS devices. So, if you are a person looking for a way to use this app on the PC, then you need to have its APK file.

Steps to Download VivaVideo for PC, Laptop:

Even though, this app is available for android users only, even PC users can use it. All you need to do is to have the Bluestacks. Without any error, if you have Bluestacks, then this app can be run on your computer. There is a need of following a proper procedure, when it comes to using this app on your PC. The first and foremost step you need to take is to download the Bluestacks on your computer or laptop, whatever you are using, and then you can proceed further. There are some steps, which are necessary to follow while using the vivavideo for pc, look at them:

  • Getting started with the process needs some attention and proper knowledge. Firstly, you need to have the APK file for this app on your computer. It can be downloaded online.
  • After installing it, click on it and then right click on it. You will find the option known as ‘Open with Bluestacks installer.’ it is important to know that it will take some time to complete the installation process. Afterwards, you can go ahead.

Once you are done with these steps, you are ready to edit the videos to make them customized according to your needs and preferences. It will like a melting of ice cream when you will use this app. editing on this app will give you an exciting time. What are you waiting for? Start using this app, if you love to create videos and customize them for various purposes. It is very easy to use this app, if you have an android or iOS device. No matter if you have a computer having windows installed; you can also make use of this video editing app. Have fun while using this app and editing videos without any hassle.

The Social Cost of Carbon Regulations

Anti-fossil fuel SCC (Social Cost of Carbon) relies on garbage models, ignores carbon benefits and hurts the poor.

By Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

“If you could pick just one thing to reduce poverty, by far you would pick energy,” Bill Gates has said. “Access to energy is absolutely fundamental in the struggle against poverty,” World Bank VP Rachel Kyte and Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen agree.

The UN Development Program also calls energy “central to poverty reduction.” And International Energy Agency Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol notes that “coal is raising living standards and lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.” In fact, all fossil fuels are doing so.

Indeed, fossil fuels created the modern world and the housing, transportation, other technologies and living standards so many of us take for granted. They are essential for electricity and life, and over the past 250 years they more than doubled average life expectancy in countries that took advantage of them.

But the Obama Administration and radical environmentalists despise fossil fuels and used every tactic they could devise to eliminate them. One of their most important schemes was the “social cost of carbon.”


IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking, Train Ticket Reservation Rules & Timings

This is your Whole Chart on IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Charges along with IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges Details.

The Tatkal principles are changing regularly most of instances throughout the railroad budget statements. Even the Tatkal timings, IRCTC Tatkal prices are all shifting all of the time. Even the Tatkal charges are fixed at a fraction of fare in the rate of 10 percent of fare for next course and 30 percent of fare for the other categories subject to minimum and maximum specified in the next table.

1. The above fees will be enforced closely equally in peak interval non-peak periods.

2. In the time of preparation of graphs, the staying tatkal tickets will soon be published to the General RAC/Waiting record passengers.

3. Tatkal centre can be accessible in Executive Class of all Shatabadi Express trains too, by earmarking 10% of the lodging available i.e. 5 chairs per trainer.

4. Tatkal reserving opens at 10 AM on a single day at advanceto the true date of travel date of travel.

5. No replicate Tatkal tickets will be issued. Repeat Tatkal tickets will be issued only in particular cases due to total fare such as Tatkal charges.

6. Tatkal tickets are awarded only on creating the next legitimate ID proofs:

  • Voter Photo identification card issued by Election Commission of India
  • Passport
  • PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department.
  • Driving Licence issued by RTO.
  • Photo identification card using sequential number issued by Central/State Government.
  • Student Charge Card with photo issued by famous School/College to their pupils.
  • Nationalized Bank Passbook using picture.
  • Credit cards issued by banks using laminated picture.
  • Particular Identification Card “Aadhaar”.

7. Photo identification cards with sequential number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration.

8. The specifics of the identity verification shall be recorded by the machine and suggested on the booked tickets too on the booking chart.

9. It won’t be compulsory for your rider(s) to visit the counter to reserve that the Tatkal ticket, but the evidence might need to be routed in the above method.

10. Throughout the trip, the passenger, whose identity card number was indicated on the ticket, and might need to generate original evidence of id indicated on the ticket, so failing that all of the passengers booked on the ticket will be treated as travel with no ticket and billed accordingly. Indication will come about the ticket seeing carrying exactly the exact same original evidence of identity throughout the trip, as suggested on the ticket.

11. In the event the rider whose identification card amount will be indicated on the ticket isn’t traveling, the rest of the passengers booked on that ticket, even if discovered traveling in rail, will likely be treated as travel with no ticket and billed accordingly.

12. Agents / RTSAs/Web agency agents/Web representatives of IRCTC are limited from the reserving Tatkal tickets between 1000 hours and 1200 hours . This limitation shall be enforced throughout regular inspection in the counters. The brokers both internet service representatives and internet agents will likewise be limited from reserving Tatkal tickets online between 1000 hours and 1200 hours.

13. Even for online IRCTC tatkal tickets booking, the passenger will enter the identification verification kind and amount, and that’s to be utilized for traveling. These details will likely be published in the ERS/indicated around the VRM/MRM in addition to from the reservation graph.

14. It’ll be possible to reserve a maximum of just four passengers per PNR for Tatkal tickets.

15. The internet services representatives of IRCTC is going to be allowed to reserve just one Tatkal ticket per coach every day online.

16. The centre of change of title Isn’t allowed on the reservations created under Tatkal Rules

17. TDRs aren’t being issued for waiting listing tickets.

REFUNDS on IRCTC Tatkal Tickets

No refund will be given on conclusion of supported Tatkal tickets / replicate Tatkal ticket anyhow in the event of situation:

When the train is delayed by greater than 3 hours in the travel originating point of this passenger maybe not the boarding stage when the passenger’s travel originating stage and boarding stage are distinct.

When the train is to operate onto a redirected route and passenger isn’t eager to travel.

When the train is to operate on redirected course and boarding channel or even the destination or the channels aren’t about the redirected route.

In the event of non-attachment of trainer where Tatkal lodging was allowed and the pupil hasn’t yet been provided accommodation in precisely the exact same class.

In the event the party was accommodated in reduced course and doesn’t wish to travel. In case the party travels in reduced course, the passenger will be given refund of difference of cuisine as Well as the gap of Tatkal fees, if some

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