Sea Ode Two

Sea Ode Two

We think with each succeeding year
Our worries are a new idea
And chicks who think the sky is falling
Keep cropping up at rates appalling.
“Hold your breath” you hear them shout
“And never let your methane out”.

While the sheep are ruminating
Here’s some facts for contemplating.
Man’s CO2 (not many may know)
Is swamped by every live volcano.
Most chlorides come from nature’s stack
To blame us then is pretty slack.
The ozone hole down south of us –
Yawns right above Mt Erebus!!!
The sea will rise, the sea will fall
There’s nothing surer – after all.
That’s what was in days of yore
And will be for ever more
Despite our presence; and our fate
Is micro in the macro, mate.
This greenhouse panic now it’s clear
Is nothing more than atmos-fear.

Jock McPoet

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