Who Funds the Carbon Sense Coalition?

[A journalist (“Louise”) asked recently who funds the Carbon Sense Coalition.]

I and a few friends around Australia and overseas founded the Coalition. I have paid for the business registrations, web servers and all such related matters. No one has reimbursed me. A computer friend built the web site and has not sent a bill. He maintains our web site and has not sent a bill.

Other members have helped with research, editing and writing, and none have been paid for it.

My wife and I have paid for all email, phone, copying, postage and printing costs. And I have never sent a bill or been paid for my considerable contribution of time. Carbon Sense occupies an office under our home on a farm at Rosevale in Queensland. You are very welcome to visit, inspect and chat if you wish. We have never submitted a bill for office rent.

One long acquaintance provided us, gratis, a second hand colour printer.

A cousin who is a farmer sent two donations, totalling $1,500 to cover general expenses. A long term friend, who is a retired engineer, sent a donation of $250. There have been no other donations of any sort since Carbon Sense was formed. And we have not asked for them.

So, in summary, funding to date for the Carbon Sense Coalition is $1,750 cash and a second hand colour printer.

(I notice on this morning’s news that Al Gore has raised $150 million of a planned $300 million for a campaign against carbon. It looks like he will outspend us. I wonder who is looking at where that big money is coming from?)


You see, Louise, for committed people, reading, thinking and writing do not cost much. On this issue, the key requirement is a logical mind and a good scientific education. Many of our activists were lucky to be educated in the days when science education was a serious subject, not yet another excuse to promote some sociological agenda.

We rely on a world-wide band of volunteers, members and correspondents who assist with ideas, editing, and distributing our reports. We rely heavily on the people’s media, the internet. Our latest report was distributed in Europe, America, South Africa and New Zealand by an enthusiastic and growing band of supporters. With our network of web sites, blogs and contacts, we are dodging past the media monoliths like rabbits racing thru a mob of dozing elephants.

None of our growing band of contact managers are paid. They are motivated by their concern for the future and desire to use their knowledge to expose the truth. This coalition continues to grow and its numbers and geographical reach extend as people start to see the reality. We collaborate with about 50 other such bodies in almost every country of the world.

However, since you have raised the subject of funding, it is time we raised some funds. Should anyone offer funds with no strings attached, we would take them, even from newspaper barons. My truthfulness, opinion, or reputation is not for sale.

Vested Interests

Funding touches on the subject of vested interests. I cannot think of a single person in Australia who has no vested interest in the Global Warming debate.

Every tax payer is being slugged for the hundreds of millions already being spent by federal, state and local governments on what we believe is a totally wasted cause. Should I be gagged because I am a taxpayer?

Every farmer faces huge increases in power and fuel costs and also carbon taxes on animal emissions. Should all farmers be prevented from speaking out? If farmers cannot speak out about their industry, who has a better right, or more knowledge?

Every person who eats food faces huge increases in food costs because of the increasing fuel and transport costs and the competition for food and land from subsidised ethanol production and carbon-credit plantations. (I assume that you are aware of the growing international alarm about increasing food prices due largely to grains being diverted from food to fuel production?) Should I be prevented from commenting because I have a continuing interest in consuming food?

The shareholders of every coal company face bankruptcy if Bob Brown achieves his aim of closure of every coal fired power station and every coal mine. Should I be prevented from speaking out because among my investments for retirement, my wife and I hold a small shareholding in a coal mining company? Have you checked where your super-fund invests its money?

Every mining company faces huge increases in costs for power and transport if “Emissions Trading” is introduced. Should every shareholder, employee, contractor and executive in Australia’s most important industry be muzzled?

I still earn part time money from mining and farming. I always have, long before Global Warming became a media tart. I have never hidden that fact – I am proud of it. Does this disqualify me because mining and farming are the primary targets of the anti-carbon crowd?

I travel occasionally, and the cost of travel will increase hugely because of proposed taxes on fuel. Does this disqualify me from speaking out if I believe this policy harms all travellers and tourists?

Look Also on the Dark Side

Do not forget to look at the other side. Al Gore is earning millions from lecturing and shareholdings in companies set to benefit directly from the Cap and Trade policies he promotes.

Moreover, every official and representative who contributes to or attends IPCC regular meetings (in remote unattractive spots like Bali, Kyoto and Rio) gets paid to do so by some poor taxpayer, as does every grandstanding politician. They are all off again on another junket right now. Have you revealed their vested interest in maintaining the rage?

Another vested interest is that large body of climate “researchers” who have received a huge slice of the $50 billion spent on this scam to date by governments around the world. Many of them are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them (although, as a farmer producing some of their food, I see they are doing just that.)

A closely related vested interest is that of the large body of dedicated environmental journalists who need daily environmental scares to keep the papers selling.

And of course do not forget the banks, merchant banks, regulators, lawyers and auditors looking forward to the enormous profit or growth possibilities in Emissions Trading. Look to the money trail – who’s going to benefit? I hope you ask them the same question you ask me.

In case you are interested and want to start digging into a story of real conflict of interests, I suggest you check these web sites:


Look for the Big News

So, Louise, I’m sorry there is no big story in the funding of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

However, there is big news in the Global Warming scam.

Have you as a citizen explored the fact that CO2 is the world’s plant food and the basis for all food on earth? Have you looked at what could happen to world food supply if we did indeed manage to significantly reduce CO2 in the atmosphere?

Are you aware that a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas comprising a miniscule 0.038% of earth’s atmosphere and which is the source of all food on earth has been labelled a pollutant by unthinking zealots in the EPA?

Have you realised that the famed “Hockey Stick Graph” that started this whole hysteria has been proved a fabrication?

Have you reported the fact that global temperatures have plateaued for the last ten years, despite continual increases in man’s emissions of CO2?

Have your readers been told that because of the very steep fall in temperature in 2007, the average global temperature in January 2008 was the same as in January 1900?

Are you aware of the work on past climate history of the world that indicates that we have had several warm benign periods like today, but they are generally short lived. We have more to fear from barren ice ages than from today’s flourishing warm world?

Are you aware of the fascinating research by Danish scientists on the way the sun controls the formation of low level clouds, thus playing a major role in controlling surface temperature?

Have you checked out whether producing ethanol does reduce greenhouse gases?

Have you looked at what would happen to your lifestyle if we did manage to eliminate man-made CO2 emissions?

Well Louise, I hope I have given you enough material. Sorry this letter went on so long, but there is much to say. I hope to see you say more and am happy to be prompted by more questions.

If you would like to talk to some local representative of Carbon Sense in Perth, please let me know. We may lack funds, but we do not lack people.

And remember, “David did slay Goliath”.

Yours sincerely

Viv Forbes

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