Global Warming in New Zealand is also Man Made?

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is responsible for New Zealand’s National Climate Database. This database, available online, holds all New Zealand’s climate data, including temperature readings, since the 1850s. Anybody can go and get the data for free. That was done by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition ( and reported in a recent paper edited by Richard Treadgold.

They found that the raw data, when plotted, showed that New Zealand average temperatures have been remarkably constant, way back to the 1850’s. But the official graph produced by NIWA and provided to the IPCC showed significant “global warming” because the original data has been adjusted and strangely most of the adjustments create the warming trend. The NZCSC paper comments:

“We have discovered that the warming in New Zealand over the past 156 years was indeed man-made, but it had nothing to do with emissions of CO2-it was created by man-made adjustments of the temperature. It’s a disgrace.”

In an interesting coincidence, the original graph was prepared by Dr Jim Salinger when he worked at the Climate Research Institute at the University of East Anglia, which is now the centre of much attention because of what appears to be “adjustments” to CRU data and reports.

For the full article see: [PDF, 487 KB]

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