Carbon Dioxide is GOOD and GREEN

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, Earth and its inhabitants have benefited from the rise in airborne CO2 by an average growth increase of about 12% for plants and 18% for trees. This has improved Earth’s habitats and ecosystems, including increasing food production for an undernourished population. These benefits have helped offset the many negative impacts upon nature caused by other human activities.

These are some of the many benefits of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:

  1. Additional CO2 causes an astonishing increase in plant growth.
  2. More CO2 causes plants to need less water to produce the same amount of growth.
  3. Certain health-promoting substances such as vitamin C and antioxidants, are increased with additional airborne CO2.
  4. With much more food production per acre, Earth should be able to feed an expanding population and save habitats and ecosystems.
  5. Existing habitats and ecosystems will have higher plant and wildlife capacity.
  6. The greening of Earth will continue and extend into the deserts as plants become drought tolerant.
  7. Plants can better resist various stresses when grown in a CO2 enriched atmosphere.
  8. Dramatic increases in the growth of Earth’s forests will help them recover from recurring natural disasters and aid a renewable resource industry.
  9. CO2 is Earth’s greatest airborne fertilizer.
  10. CO2 is the staff of life for Earth’s plant kingdom which is the beginning of the food chain; without it there would be no life on Earth.


For more information on the beneficial effects caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere see:

PDF version: [PDF, 35 KB]

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