Snowing in Texas

I live in Texas, where it NEVER snows except maybe every three or four years. Though I will have to admit that “global warming” has really done a number on us because it has snowed SIX times this winter.

Thank gawd for global warming, because we would probably be BURIED under twenty feet of snow without it.

Yeah and if you believe that, I have some beach front property in Nebraska I want to sell you.

And I don’t mean that it is a “light dusting” of snowflakes. I mean it is huge globs of snow coming down.

Maybe if we are lucky [after all snow did shut down the government yesterday and today] it will only be a couple of inches.

Though to tell you the truth, it is already three inches deep.

Pat Wadley
11 Feb 2010
Texas, USA

PS. 13 Feb 2010:

It wasn’t three inches of snow, it is more than a foot.

Trees have fallen, some buildings have collapsed roofs and, despite the utility companies destroying a lot of gorgeous trees this summer, it has not stopped electrical lines from collapsing because of the weight of the snow. There are a lot of people without power.

It is gorgeous outside, as long as you are inside and looking out.


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