Is Climate Changing?

Definitely, particularly considering the very bad Queensland floods in the early 1930s and extreme floods of the late 1800s, the weather is definitely improving.

Our world is certainly changing; Antarctica, once a thriving forest is now a desolate ice land; the Adelaide hills, once a glacial wilderness is now a verdant scrub land; the Simpson Desert, once a forest of Acacia Peuce is now a glorious Aussie desert.

It is indisputable that the climate has changed endlessly through the millennia. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere needed to support life as we know it did not exist until the development of cyanobacteria and stromatolites between 2,300 million and 500 million years. Remnant living stromatolites in fact still exist in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Only a religiously carbon-obsessed fanatic could seriously attribute those cyclic ice age-temperate climate changes to carbon dioxide. (Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas consisting of one atom of carbon with two atoms of oxygen).

Oxygen didn’t exist in a life supporting percentage of the earth’s atmosphere until the Earth’s developmental cycle referred to above.


Nick Byrne
Alice Springs Australia

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