Pollute: To make foul or unclean (Macquarie Dictionary).

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere without which all plants would suffocate. It is odorless and invisible, and plant life flourishes around coal-fired power stations which use scrubbers to remove particulate matter and other nasties from the chimneys to allow sunlight and carbon dioxide to work the miracle of photosynthesis. By no stretch of the imagination can it be deemed a pollutant.

CO2 in the atmosphere is at historically low levels. It is driven by ocean temperatures – warm water expels CO2; cold water takes up CO2.

“The fundamental reason why carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is critically important to biology is that there is so little of it. A field of corn growing in full sunlight in the middle of the day uses up all of the carbon dioxide within a metre of the ground in about five minutes.”

– Freeman Dyson, Heretical Thoughts about Science and Society.

POLLUTER is surely a title of shame
Obnoxious, like those who misuse it
Labeling something quite clean with this name
Looks a devious way to accuse it
Unless this is challenged, man’s friend CO2
The scapegoat for other agendas
Economically speaking will hurt me and you
Rewarding the lying pretenders.Jock McPoet
April 2011

John McRobert BE (Civ)
Managing Director
CopyRight Publishing Co P/L
William Street, Brisbane
Qld Australia

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