The Global Warming Scam


The temperature’s up and the sky it is falling
And the steam from the kettle is killing our towns
The weak plaided cries of alarmists are calling
But people are wary of scamsters and clowns

The cows in the paddocks are eating and farting
And disaster comes near as the gas hits the sky
The scamsters cry out that the heavens are parting
And the weak minded greenies just blubber and cry

But where is the science which proves all these theories?
And where are those scientists drawing their pay?
And who moves the lips of those loonies and greenies?
And who’ll give those scamsters the time of the day?

The moon it is high and the tide is still rising
And the scamsters and loonies are preaching the doom
But sailors and seamen don’t find this surprising
And laugh all the scamsters right out of the room

Thermometers boil as the sun reaches midday
And the scamsters and loonies all babble and wail
But the folk in the desert just reach for a coldie
And the farmer calls smoko and sits on the rail

But the red dog of Canberra still keeps right on barking
And the greenies and loonies still share all its fleas
While laughter rings out from the world who is watching
And Australia moves closer to down on its knees.

© Brian McRae
State Director ONE NATION
Western Australia

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