Broncos Ban Skeptics from Entering their Doors

Lord Christopher Monckton is currently touring Australia, speaking on the politics, science and economics of the Great Global Warming Swindle. The Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane had agreed to book a room for the Brisbane function.

However Green Extremists mounted an organised campaign of protest to the club and the Brave Broncos buckled to the censors.

Would all supporters please advise members and visitors that Broncos Leagues club has a new policy to only admit those who believe in the Man Made Global Warming Fable. We are not sure whether or not visitors will be asked their views before allowing entry. We presume so.

Please advise your friends in case other skeptics are turned away and embarrassed.

Skeptics and Freedom lovers all over the world have been outraged by this action. The letter below is typical. More letters are encouraged.

Viv Forbes

From: Paul Driessen
Sent: Wednesday, 6 July 2011 1:30 AM
Subject: Lord Monckton

I truly cannot believe that you have reneged on your agreement to Host Lord Christopher Monckton for a stimulating discussion of climate science, economics and politics. The Broncos, Brisbane and Australia are much the poorer for your having done so.

I have heard Christopher speak on many occasions and have had the good fortune to join him and his delightful, engaging wife Juliet for several dinners and other events. He is a brilliant analyst and a fantastic commentator, speaker and debater, who never fails to bring his audiences to their feet. Unlike Al Gore and certain others, Christopher always responds (politely and directly) to any question he is asked; he never screens questions ahead of time, and absolutely never refuses to take questions. Juliet is as warm, friendly and fascinating a conversationalist as you could hope to find.

Shame on you for having disappointed so many – and having apparently caved in to the dark forces of political correctitude.

I hope you will reconsider your rash decision.


Paul Driessen
Fairfax, Virginia

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