Convenient Labels

If it’s hot – that’s dangerous global warming.

If it’s cold – that just weather.

When there was deep snow over all the UK, record cold in Europe and Russia, and blizzards in the USA last winter, we were told “That’s not climate, that’s weather!”

Now after a 15 year period of flat or declining global temperatures, when we get a hot spell we are told “That’s not weather, that’s climate!”.

I’m not buying it, guys.

As for the heatwave and fires in Colorado, that is just bad weather and poor forest management. The wildfires are helped by a policy of not back-burning the forests to reduce fuel loadings, and by the idiocy of building housing among the trees without fire breaks between the two.

Don’t try to lay the blame for this on harmless, beneficial to plants, non-pollutant carbon dioxide.

If Rio didn’t give you the message then you are blind – Rio was the funeral rite for the busted hypothesis that was called anthropogenic global warming. Your theory is flawed, your cause is lost, and your god is dead: global warming is now a religion, not science. The IPCC computer models are known to have zero predictive power: nothing they predicted has come to pass. Temperatures are not rising, nor are the seas.

Your prophet Al Gore has led you to a desert of failed ideologies. You may fool the politicians for a few more budgets, but the common people are on to you.

My advice: Jump from this bandwagon before it plummets off the cliff!

Allen Horrell

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