The Ethanol Disaster

Governments everywhere are mandating the use of ethanol, and giving tax breaks, pretending that they are doing good things for the climate, the environment and the economy.

None of these benefits have appeared, and ethanol promotion must cease.

The only people who truly benefit from government promotion of ethanol are corn farmers and the builders, owners and operators of ethanol plants. This stupid policy has huge costs everywhere else.

Just like their one-sided promotion of wind and solar energy, environmentalists choose to turn a blind eye to the environmental damage caused by ethanol promotion. These include:

  • Ethanol now consumes 40% of the US corn crop, pushing up the costs of feed for cattle, pigs, poultry and humans.
  • Millions of acres of native grasslands, prairie, conservation areas and wetlands have been cultivated for corn ethanol.
  • The extra corn grown has caused a large increase in nitrogen fertiliser applications and run-off. Nitrogen fertiliser is made from natural gas.
  • The diesel and other carbon fuels used to cultivate, fertilise, plant, harvest, transport and ferment corn and distribute ethanol to reluctant consumers creates more carbon dioxide than is saved by using ethanol in cars.
  • Ethanol is a poor quality fuel for combustion engines and has damaged many of them.

If ethanol is so good it does not need market mandates, tax breaks and tax penalties on its competitors. It should compete fairly with all other fuels and also with competing needs for corn.

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