Is the Science Settled?

We hear continually that “The Science is Settled”. It is easy to find proof that the science of man-made global warming is not settled. Professor Hayden, in a short submission to the EPA demolishes the IPCC science consensus.

He also demolishes the “tipping point” scares and suggests that a warmer world may be a better world anyway.

Read Howard Hayden’s short sharp report: [PDF, 129MB]

About Howard (Cork) Hayden:

He writes and publishes The Energy Advocate, a monthly newsletter (on real paper) about energy. For a sample copy contact:

He is the author of the books:

Bass Ackwards: How Climate Alarmists Confuse Cause with Effect
A Primer on Renewable Energy
A Primer on CO2 and Climate

These and other books are available from Vales Lake Publishing, LLC:

The Energy Advocate:
PO Box 7609
Pueblo West, CO 81007

“People will do anything to save the world… except take a course in science.”
“Chromoergic psychosis: The delusion that energy has a color, usually green.”

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