Pope Ponders Paganism

Not since the rule of Emperor Constantine, during the Roman Warm Era, have pagan gods been tolerated in Rome.


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Before Constantine, Romans worshipped 12 main gods including Apollo (the Sun), Diana (the Moon), Flora (the plants), Uranus (the sky), Ceres (the crops), Gaia (the Earth) and of course Bacchus (wine), Venus (love) and Mars (war). Some of these gods demanded tribute and sacrifice.

Christianity, the worship of one forgiving God, slowly absorbed or eliminated its pagan rivals. The Popes in Rome came to lead a Catholic empire of Christians. In modern times, the old Greek/Roman goddess, Gaia, has been resurrected by the world green movement.

Pope Francis seems to seek an alliance with these nature worshippers. Unfortunately the Green wolf will never lie down with the Christian lambs. Christians promote care for humanity especially the weak and the poor. The Gaia worshippers have subordinated humans to “nature” and their attitude to other humans ranges from contempt to deep hatred. Under their extremist Agenda 21, the priests of Gaia would sacrifice humans by restricting their access to land, oceans, food, minerals and energy, and then concentrate the survivors in soul-destroying dormitory cities and food factories. Greens want all descendants of Adam and Eve expelled from our Gardens of Eden.

Christians generally value individual freedom and private property. The Green priesthood will not rest until there is a world government in which there is no private property and all humans are numbered, controlled and planned. They are using climate alarmism to achieve these goals.

UN Launches Major New Agenda. Pope to attend: http://agenda21news.com/2015/05/in-september-the-un-launches-a-major-sustainable-development-agenda-for-the-entire-planet/

Priests and Pontiffs have no place in dictating questions of science and engineering. Climate forecasts and energy policy should be determined by scientific enquiry and sound engineering, not by high-priests dabbling in politics.

An Open letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/05/10/an-open-letter-to-pope-francis-on-climate-change/

It is not just the Pope – most religions now see climate concern as a way to restore their appeal to our impressionable youth: http://www.cis.org.au/media-information/opinion-pieces/article/5606-our-churches-have-fallen-in-love-with-climate-change

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Read the full report: http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/pope-ponders-paganism.pdf [PDF: 208KB]

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