Know About The Terms Of The Pokemon Go

Games are one of the best pastime people consider. There is a huge variety of apps and games that game lovers can get on different devices like Android, iOS, and much more. These days, one of the most popular games is the Pokemon Go, which is an iOS and Android game that can be played without paying anything. This game comes from developer Niantic Labs. When you are interested in playing this game, there is no need to have proper knowledge of the Pokemon lore. With this game, you can have control on the cameras and GPS to serve up AR experience.

Know About The Terms Of The Pokemon Go

It is good to have a complete understanding of the terms used in this game. The below-mentioned names and phrases are used in the game play, have a look at them:


These are used to catch the Pokemon and help to build your team.


These are the blue supply stores that are dotted around the map. In these stores, all the items are stored that you are needed to play the game.

Lure and Incense Modules

These are utilized to attract more Pokemon to your place. In the beginning, it is important to have a huge team that players can use to trade or fight for goodies further into the gameplay.


This is the term that has considered as teams, which players are asked to join after grasping to the level 5. These teams will help you in determining which color a gym switches to when you are going to claim it. All you need to do is to choose your favorite color. Pokemesh apk Download

Stardust and candy

One can consider these in the form of the supplements, which are helpful to make your Pokemon developed and stronger. These are of greater assistance to take over higher gyms.


This is the term, which is available from level 5. These are situated at points of landmarks and interest. Controlling gyms is what you need to consider. Gyms are the landmarks, where the fights between the Pokemon and players take place.

Revives, Super Potions, and Potions

Once you have played the hard fight, you need to get recovered for the next challenge. This is where these terms are considered.


These are the terms that make the Pokemon to catch harder, which can be cultivated by feeding them these and getting their trust.


Pokemon Gois huge on XP. These are the lucky eggs, which you are interested in earning twice on XP. In fact, these normal eggs permit you in hatching more Pokemon to add to your Pokemon team.

When you realize these terms, you can easily play this game so that you can get an enhanced overall gameplay experience.

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