Replacing the United Nations

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  1. Comment by pete on February 12, 2017 6:21 am

    This is what I have been hoping for these last years. The present setup of the United Nations Organisation is totally biased in favour of the rogue, tyrannical and dictatorial states of the world which unfortunately for us and their citizens too are in a majority in the UN general assembly and therefore have the power to vote themselves into more positions of power at the expense of democracy and freedom.

    When decades ago our politicians were touting the idea of a globalised world I had naively assumed that the democratic west was going to impose, as a start, the introduction of democratic values by rogue states as a condition to join in the fun of a globalised world. But the opposite happened. The dictatorial tyrannical third world enjoyed the transfer of western technology and industry to their shores at our own expense. Europe and the United States have seen their standard of living stagnate for decades and deteriorating since the 2008 global financial crash while countries such as China have been enjoying the fruits of this lop-sided globalisation with the result that China is now dangerously positioning itself as one of the top military world powers. I cannot imagine China, a tyrannical dictatorship, overcoming the west’s military power. China does not respect the west and our democracy, it only fears our military might.

    It is time that the west defunds the UN, creates a new group of democratic nations and forget about this globalisation idea that has failed dismally at our own expense.

    I pray to God that this Covenant of Democratic Nations takes off.

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