How to Crucify Australia on the “Per Capita Emissions” Cross

By Graham Williamson

According to Australian Climate Commissioners Tim Flannery, Roger Beale, and Gerry Hueston, in their recent report ‘The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change’, the reason why Australians are disproportionately to blame for global climate change is because of so called per capita emissions. According to the Climate Commissioners, (21) “the average Australian produces emissions almost five times that of the average Chinese person and 16 times that of the average person from India.”

This was confirmed by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet:

“The fact is that Australia has the highest per capita emissions of all developed countries, about 27 tonnes per person. This compares to a world average of about 6 tonnes per person, and an average of about 14 tonnes per person in other developed countries. Developing countries consistently point to Australia’s high per capita emissions to justify why we should take strong action on climate change.”

FACT: CSIRO Endorses Fictitious Per Capita Concept
According to CSIRO in Chapter 9 of Climate Change: Science and Solutions for Australia, Australia’s mitigation strategy or CO2 tax policy is based upon the totally unscientific, discriminatory, and fictitious concept of per capita emissions:

“The position of Australia relative to other countries in terms of emissions per person is shown in Figure 9.1 and in terms of energy sources in Table 9.1. This is the starting point for changes in mitigation strategies for Australia compared with the rest of the world.”

And Australia is still reported to be among the world’s highest per capita emitters.

Given the fact that Australia’s mitigation strategy, according to CSIRO, is based upon per capita emissions as distinct from national emissions, it is astonishing that in a recent report CSIRO scientist Dr Pep Canadell has emphasised that it is the national emissions that are important:

“Mitigation requires energy transition led by the largest emitters of China, the US, the European Union and India”.

Dr Pep Canadell seems unaware that according to Australia’s Climate Commissioners, our high per capita emissions are causing climate change around the world. Even if we halved our national emissions to 0.75% of global emissions, our per capita emissions would still be much too high!

FACT: Climate Change Strategy Based Upon Science Fiction, NOT Science
CSIRO has been completely unable to supply any scientific evidence whatsoever to substantiate the effectiveness of a per capita approach to control global climate. Why, it must be asked, has the government chosen to base its whole climate change strategy on an unscientific fictitious concept?

The totally fictitious and meaningless nature of average per capita emissions is perfectly clear ………

If an (undefined) average Indian person, who allegedly produces only 1/16th the emissions of the (undefined) average Australian, moves to Australia but adopts exactly the same life style in Australia as he/she did in India, then automatically he or she will suddenly be producing sixteen times more emissions!!

But it seems the scientists have also explained why this is so.  Australia’s high per capita emissions are due to our low population combined with relatively high transport and industrial emissions, especially from aluminium and metal production (22, 23). In fact, according to the government’s Fifth National Communication on Climate Change, our high per capita emissions are caused by “the dominance of resource-based industries in our economy and its reliance on low-cost fossil fuels.” Therefore, when our typical low emission Indian citizen moves to Australia, irrespective of his lifestyle, he will become just as responsible for the emissions from Aluminium smelters as are other Aussies!

But wait, it also depends upon what state of Australia our typical Indian citizen moves to! If he moves to Queensland he will produce more than double the emissions of those he would produce if he crossed the border into NSW (Ben Cubby, Greenhouse gas emissions still on the rise, data shows)!

So although the world has been cooling, and although there is no evidence humans are causing this cooling, what we do know is that Australians, or more specifically, Queenslanders, are mostly to blame. More guilty than anyone in the world in fact.

This we are asked to believe, is genuine climate science, endorsed by the Commonwealth government, the Climate Commissioners, and the CSIRO!

Clearly, the practice of targeting people for per capita emissions as a mitigation strategy is unjust, unethical, highly discriminatory, and is based upon a lie. The concept of per capita emissions is nothing more than a political stunt where both scientists and the people are exploited for political purposes. It is astonishing that so many politicians, academics, journalists, and scientists continue to promote the scientific fraud of average per capita emissions mitigation strategies.

‘Evidence’ Shows Australians are Causing Climate Change Around the World

But while the Commonwealth Government’s Climate Commissioners point out that (21) “Australia has the highest emissions per person of any developed country” and “the average Australian produces emissions almost five times that of the average Chinese person and 16 times that of the average person from India,”  they also claim: “Emissions generated in one country will contribute to the impacts of climate change in all countries”. So according to Australian experts, Australians are to blame for climate change in cities and countries around the world.

But if we are so guilty of changing global climate wouldn’t we effect our own country first rather than countries thousands of miles away? Or do our emissions only impact distant non-capitalist countries and dictatorships who want our climate change compensation payments? And shouldn’t the NSW government be taking legal action against all Queenslanders because of their high per capita emissions (24) which must surely be impacting the NSW climate?

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  1. Comment by Marjorie Curtis on September 23, 2018 12:20 pm

    It is really good to read an article that shows so much common sense. It has always amazed me that we in Australia, with our small population, isolation from other countries(except New Zealand) can be blamed for climate change affecting places like Chine and India. Climate Change is a natural phenomenon, and has happened ever since the earth had an atmosphere (very soon after the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago). Surely we cant be blamed for all the changes in climate that I have (as a professional geologist since 1959) seen in the record of the rocks that I have worked on? Us humans, or some version of us, only arrived on the scene about 3 million years ago, not very long in geological terms.

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