Australian Politicians again show “Real Genius”

Back in the chaotic dying days of the Whitlam-Cairns-Connor government, Canberra was buzzing with Rex Connor’s grand plans for nationalisation of the mining industry, a national energy grid and gas pipelines linking the NW Shelf to the capital cities, all to be funded by massive foreign loans arranged by a mysterious Pakistani named Khemlani. Malcolm Frazer staged a parliamentary revolt. The economy slumped.

A British observer at that time was asked who was the greater Prime Minister – Harold Wilson or Gough Whitlam. He replied:
“Any fool can bugger up Britain but it takes real genius to bugger up Australia.”

Australian politicians are again showing real genius.

Now, we have incredible tri-partisan plans to cover the continent with a spider-web of transmission lines connecting wind/solar “farms” sending piddling amounts of intermittent power to distant consumers and to expensive battery and hydro backups – all funded by electricity consumers, tax-assisted speculators and foreign debt.

We are the world’s biggest coal exporter but have not built a big coal-fired power station for 11 years. We have massive deposits of uranium but 100% of this energy is either exported, or sterilised by the Giant Rainbow Serpent, or blocked by the Green-anti’s.

Australia suffers recurrent droughts but has not built a major water supply dam for about 40 years, and the average age of our hydro-electric plants is 48 years. And when the floods do come, desperate farmers watch as years of rain water rush past to irrigate distant oceans.

Once, Australia was a world leader in exploration and drilling – it is now a world leader in legalism, red tape and environmental obstructionism.

Once, Canberra and the states encouraged oil and gas exploration with geological mapping and research – now they restrict land and sea access and limit exports.

Once, Australia was a world leader in refining metals and petroleum – now our expensive unreliable electricity and green tape are driving these industries and their jobs overseas.

Once, Australia’s CSIRO was respected for research that supported industry and for doing useful things like controlling rabbits and prickly pear and developing better crops and pastures. Now CSIRO panders to global warming hysteria and promotes the fairy story that carbon taxes and emissions targets can change the world’s climate.

Once, young Australians excelled in maths, science and engineering. Now, they are brain-washed in gender studies, green energy non-science and environmental activism.

Once, Australians were proud of our history, our ancestors and our achievements – now we are supposed to feel guilty and apologise.

Once, Australia had a big coastal fleet carrying passengers and goods and catching fish. Now our roads are clogged with cars and freight and we import seafood.

Once, the opening of a railway or the discovery of oil, coal, nickel or uranium made headlines. Today’s Aussies harass explorers and developers, and queue at the release of the latest IPad.

As Australia’s first people discovered, if today’s Australians lack the will or the knowledge to use our great natural resources, more energetic people will take them off us.

Viv Forbes


  1. Comment by Don Woods on September 26, 2018 6:03 pm

    I enjoy these well written posts and agree wholeheartedly with them.
    Sadly there are too many who don’t seem to care and many who can’t be bothered to do anything about this greatest scam ever.
    Slowly quite a few more people are gradually waking up to it, but there is a long road to traverse before the tide turns
    Thank you Viv and The Carbon Sense Coalition for continuing.

  2. Comment by Joan Davidson on September 30, 2018 6:04 pm

    I am beginning to despair of my Country. I am 76 years old. I left school when I was 13 years old as money was scarce, and I was the oldest of five children – and the only girl. Nevertheless, I had a better education in my short time at School, than do children these days. I mean, I was actually required to learn how to read, write and spell. We were taught to love this wonderful Country, and we learned about Aboriginal culture and stories as well. We knew that they had not been always treated well, but by the same token, the convicts who were sent here, were treated even worse. I believe in equality, but not in being abjectly sorry for crimes I did not commit. I have always been proud of this Country and its achievements, but, if our politicians continue to lead us down the path of “climate change” caused by us humans, and Australians fall for this lie, I would for the first time in my life, be ashamed to be Australian. I am filled with misgivings as I look upon my children, grandchildren and great grandchild. What sort of a future will they have if this madness is allowed to continue?

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