In Praise of Carbon

Children are having nightmares about their carbon footprint. What a pretty pass modern man has brought himself to! Frightening children with scary stories about hell fire is the way our ancestors drilled society into conformity. It might have been hoped that the age of science would bring all that to an end, but now we have entered the post-scientific age, in which a new class of high priest returns to the traditional methods of enforcement.

In order to establish the essential fear-provoking scenario they have nominated in the role of original sin one particular element, one atom out of the whole gamut.

It is a choice that is bizarre to the rational mind, yet one that conforms to the long established principles of the founding of authoritarian religions. Why is it bizarre? If you are of a mind to seek out magic and miracles, look no further than the sixth member of the periodic table of elements. Carbon is the source of all of our food, the founding fire of civilisation, provides much of our energy and is the key element in the cycle of life.

If it is in your nature to give thanks for anything, spare a thought for the much maligned atom that is your primal ancestor and the provider of everything that you are, that you have and that keeps you alive.

For the full article by John Brignell see:

Carbon Tax Creates Jobs

If it achieves nothing else the Carbon Tax will create a career path for second hand car salesmen and failed politicians. You can now pay your money, do a two day course and become accredited in Carbon Accounting. The course is available via University or private suppliers.

I have always suspected Mining Engineers and Metallurgists got their certificates from a Kellogg Wheaties packet but we Accountants always had more stringent requirements. Whilst there were some issues on the fringes of our profession , who can forget the bottom of the harbour schemes? At least those guys had the decency to call themselves Tax Agents not Accountants.

This carbon accounting is a black art, no self respecting accountant would become involved in measuring the emissions from a bovine animal, calculating the carbon content and then coming up with a dollar value payable as a tax .

This course should be called Carbon Engineering or better still Carbon Gymnastics and taught in the Arts Faculty.

Rod Bates
Ardross WA

Pay Up, and You Can Continue Sinning

Ross Garnaut’s 2008 climate report contained egregious errors that could not be easily explained away as simple incompetence.

However, unless Garnaut was misquoted, his recent pronouncement in relation to Cyclone Yasi was so absurdly outrageous that it falls under Clark’s Law: “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”.

Under a headline “You ain’t seen nothing yet”, Garnaut was quoted as saying:

“With strong mitigation, we at least rule out, or reduce to low probabilities, the potential for catastrophe”.

Fair enough, if he was encouraging better building standards or discouraging people from living in cyclone or flood prone areas, but he is advising the government on a carbon price mechanism, and the implication of the article was that putting a price (tax) on carbon will rule out the potential for catastrophes of the sort that have beset mankind since the Great Flood – a big call indeed!

Even were Australia to reduce its CO2 emissions to zero, it would have a negligible effect on global emissions, but according to Garnaut it’s not even necessary to reduce our emissions! To accomplish that, a “carbon price” would have to be so high as to drastically discourage use of fossil energy, but Garnaut claimed that the impact on electricity prices of his “carbon price” would be “not very big”; hence, the reduction in CO2 emissions would also be not very big.

Therefore, Professor Garnaut is selling the modern-day equivalent of Papal Indulgences.

Dub Zivkovic
Canberra Australia

What is our priority – Green Power for the Beautiful People or Affordable Power for the Battlers?

Certain things paint an indelible image in your mind.

One happened to me lately when my mother-in-law told me that whilst doing meals on wheels in winter there was always a place you could find pensioners – in bed.

This was not because of an infirmity but because they could not afford the price of the power to stay warm outside bed.

How completely self indulgent and pathetic we have become that in our zealous desire to single-handedly cool the planet we have pandered to those who can afford the power bill over those less fortunate.

How pathetic we are that South Korea, using our coal, can provide power cheaper to their citizens after an 8,300 km sea voyage than we can with power stations in our own coal fields.

Oh yes, aren’t the solar panels doing a great a job. In Canberra last week it was revealed that they would add $225 to the average electricity bill, and that the Government’s proposed carbon tax would raise them by a further 24%.

You cannot reduce power prices without increasing the supply of cheap power.

Senator Barnaby Joyce
Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, from his column in the Canberra Times.

Is Climate Changing?

Definitely, particularly considering the very bad Queensland floods in the early 1930s and extreme floods of the late 1800s, the weather is definitely improving.

Our world is certainly changing; Antarctica, once a thriving forest is now a desolate ice land; the Adelaide hills, once a glacial wilderness is now a verdant scrub land; the Simpson Desert, once a forest of Acacia Peuce is now a glorious Aussie desert.

It is indisputable that the climate has changed endlessly through the millennia. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere needed to support life as we know it did not exist until the development of cyanobacteria and stromatolites between 2,300 million and 500 million years. Remnant living stromatolites in fact still exist in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Only a religiously carbon-obsessed fanatic could seriously attribute those cyclic ice age-temperate climate changes to carbon dioxide. (Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas consisting of one atom of carbon with two atoms of oxygen).

Oxygen didn’t exist in a life supporting percentage of the earth’s atmosphere until the Earth’s developmental cycle referred to above.


Nick Byrne
Alice Springs Australia

Lies, Damn Lies and Global Warming Statistics

Mr Steketee (Weekend Australian 8 Jan 2011) needs to tread carefully in the highly manipulated world of climate and weather statistics.

Quoting data from the UN World Meteorological Organisation is suspect because the WMO jointly created the IPCC, which is dedicated to proving that anthropogenic warming is happening regardless of evidence.

The British Met Office is in disarray for its conflicting and error-prone forecasts provided to the UK, while in New Zealand the national weather body abandoned their official temperature records because of manipulation of past data by the government agency. In Australia, the BOM is no different to many other data collection agencies around the world in selective manipulation of older raw data records downwards (i.e. cooler), thus making the overall trend appear warmer to the present. This effect is also achieved by closing of thousands of data stations around the world, most in the cooler regions, thus leading to a warming bias.

Recent high-quality ice core data from Greenland shows that of the past 10,500 years, 9,100 were warmer than 2010, with no relation to CO2, while the longest instrumental record in the world in central England shows that December 2010 was the second coldest December dating back to 1659. Australian raw data shows that we have warmed only 0.6oC since 1910, and Mr Steketee needs to look at the less alarmist bigger picture and to be better informed about the work of experts such as Professor Bob Carter.

Geoff Derrick
Sherwood Qld Australia

Addendum: Lord Monckton’s rebuttal of Steketee:

Snow saves Northern Hemisphere from Global Warming Disaster

Just in time for Christmas, people in the northern hemisphere have been saved from the horrors of man-made global warming as they enjoy yet another record cold and early winter. The fourth in a row! Good for them!

Considering how nasty a bit of warming is, according to Al Gore and the infinitely wise IPCC, they might have had to endure a mild winter instead. But fortunately it comes complete with bitterly cold blizzards and massive snow dumps to alleviate the horrendous 0.60C of extra warming we’ve all had to suffer since the Industrial Revolution.

This teeny amount warming is of course catastrophically bad for the planet because the IPCC and Al Gore say so. Al Gore even made a tragi-comedy about it. And since the IPCC is a branch of the wonderfully kind UN, itself bursting at the seams with honest politicians never known to exaggerate, tell lies or have ulterior motives, it must be entirely true. How relieved they all must be that it’s freezing in the northern hemisphere!

What a splendid Christmas present!

Joe Fone
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Put Piddle Power in the Parks?

If wind farms are so clean and green, why don’t they put them all in National Parks instead of devaluing private property?

They don’t generate reliable electricity anyway, but their noise may drive feral dogs and wild pigs out of their safe havens in the parks.

Viv Forbes, Rosevale, Qld, Australia

Duck Conservation and Recycling

To reduce the number of dead ducks found in oils sands tailings ponds, I propose Syncrude construct an array of wind turbines around the margins of the tailings ponds.

Ducks would be humanely shredded by green-friendly blades and fall to the Earth where they would form neat piles that could be retrieved using carbon neutral electric vehicles. The carcasses would have less contamination and could be served in the Syncrude cafeteria in building 41-B, thus reusing the carbon that would have been released into the atmosphere had the ducks been left to decay in the wild. Electricity from the wind turbines could be used to cook the birds.

Boats for duck recovery would become unnecessary, the ducks would not be coated in oil and Greenpeace could feel happy that the collection vehicles are recharged by power supplied by the bird shredders.

For the entertainment of “greens” all over the world, web cameras could watch in awe as the ducks fly into the collection area. This would reduce the need for smug, self-satisfied hypocrites to burn oil sand-derived fuel up to Fort McMurray to protest for the benefit of jet-set fuel-wasters such as David Suzuki, Al Gore and James Cameron.

I am all for alternative energy, but to rely on the wind, for cities, is just plain stupid. Not a single fossil fuel plant has been made obsolete by the present subsidized wind power. As long as hospitals expect 24-hour power, we will need proper power plants.

Richard Haley

First Published:

The Crazy Kloppers Carbon Tax

To the head of BHP, Mr. Kloppers, a doubling of the price of electricity and massive rises in the price of fuel and groceries wouldn’t worry his household budget. It’s understandable that he would support a new tax on carbon or an ETS.

However, it’s a shame that Mr. Kloppers has not properly thought through his support of the Greens/Labor Carbon Tax.

If he properly considered the consequences of his proposal he would have realized that forcing Australian pensioners and families to pay more money in tax to the Federal and State governments will not stop the world’s climate from changing.

Even if you accepted the lie that man made carbon is changing the world’s climate for the worst, and even if all Australians shed themselves of every carbon producing material or activity, (we could go back to living in caves, wearing animal skins and burning candles) it would not change the climate one degree.

Even the Green zealots and Labor loonies who refuse to acknowledge the natural cycles of the earth’s orbital patterns (Milankovich Cycles) and the significant climatic variations (Ice ages and countless Earth Warming events) which follow, would have to acknowledge that Australia only produces 1% of the world’s man made carbon.

Mr. Kloppers must realize that the rest of the world has abandoned the idea of a Carbon Tax. If you look at the 6 August edition of The Economist, the world’s most respected magazine, you will find that an ETS style of scheme in America is dead.

Under the sub-headline “The Democrats abandon their efforts to limit emissions through legislation”, the writer of the article said:

“Harry Reid, the majority leader, having earlier abandoned as hopeless an effort to limit America’s emissions of greenhouse gases through a cap-and trade scheme, is proposing nothing more substantial than subsidies for home insulation.”

Obviously Mr. Kloppers isn’t aware of the political situation in America when he made the statement; “We do believe that such a global initiative will eventually come..”

If we follow Mr. Kloppers, the Greens/Labor plans for a carbon tax, then we will be embracing a job-killing stealth tax and abandoning our only advantage over the rest of the world – cheap reliable power (unless we become a nuclear nation).

Is this the real agenda for those who want to put a price on carbon, and who urge us to explore “other” sources of base load energy?

Kloppers, Turnbull, Greens and Labor need to be upfront about their agenda and plans for Australia and not intellectually hide behind the crazy cult of carbon.

Rob Messenger MLA
Member for Burnett
17 Sep 2010

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